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Simplicity 1366 as a jumper yet again

Simplicity 1366 is really doing the rounds of the sewing blogosphere at the moment.  Anna has just blogged a beautiful version (that I was very tempted to steal when we were at Sewjourn until I remembered that she sews a smaller size than me) and I have made it twice before.  I really like the jumper version that I made, so when I came across some scraps of this unusual green/black/metallic gold knit in my stash that were just enough for another 1366, I decided that it was destiny.

Simplicity 1366

Once again the length of the sleeves was rather random. I just cut another four inches or so – maybe it was five – then did a simple turn and zig zag hem. I sewed a straight size 12 otherwise. Unlike many I have left the length as per the pattern. I’m still getting used to letting contrasting layers peek out underneath.

Simplicity 1366

I suspect that this is actually the “wrong” side of this fabric. The other side is much greener, but also much more metallic. For this top I was aiming at something a little more subtle. You can see the other side in the Vogue jacket that I blogged here. I used a strip of the same fabric like a bias facing around the neckline, stitching it to the right side then turning it to the inside and top stitching.

Simplicity 1366

I suspect that without the sewing blogosphere many would have overlooked this top pattern, instead focusing on the rather dramatic skirt that is included in Simplicity 1366. There are still many more renditions of this in my future, including in woven with shorter sleeves for summer. Highly recommended.

7 thoughts on “Simplicity 1366 as a jumper yet again

  1. Hi Lara.
    This outfit is great. And I enjoyed your May round- up – I htink you ave a coherent style and it’s great to see someone who sews stuff they really like and that looks good on them. Quite inspiring!

    I think I might have asked this question on an earlier post so forgive me if you’ve already answered it. How would you say this Simp 1366 top pattern differs say from the Grainline, another set in sleeve, woven top? There are a few of these t-shirt style patterns around. I lost my sewing mojo years ago and am about to try dipping my toe in the waters again with one of these.


    1. Hi there Jenny,
      I do remember you asking about the Maritime vs Simplicity 1366 and a proper blog blog post addressing the differences and comparing the pattern pieces is on my to-do list! But in quick summary, the Maritime is designed for knits, and the Simplicity for wovens. The Maritime has a facing for the neck – can’t remember with the Simplicity as I always use a binding for it. The Maritime also has side slits, which the Simplicity doesn’t, and the Maritime is longer. I am intrigued to examine the two patterns side-by-side more closely however, and eventually will blog about it!
      Thanks for your lovely comments about my daily outfit photos too.

      1. Hi Lara, thank you for taking the time to reply – much appreciated! Ah, that was it – couldn’t remember which other pattern the Simp 1366 was linked with in my mind/in your earlier post.
        Looking forward to the coming post!
        It’s true – your style is great!

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