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New Look 6216 – sort of

I really did want to get all my 2014 makes up on my blog during 2014, but you know what?  That’s just not going to happen.  There are still 18 items on my to-be-blogged list.  Jeepers.  Good intentions and all of that.

New Look 6216 lengthened to a dress in a variety of scrap fabrics

This dress was made during my November Sewjourn trip. I took along a number of boxes of knit scraps that I’d saved because “they might be useful” but which in reality were clogging up my sewing room and therefore also clogging up my peace of mind. I threw out the challenge to the rest of the group to take or use up as many of the scraps as they could, because any left over were going in the bin. Wendy in particular rose to the challenge, sewing a number of garments from New Look 6216.

New Look 6216 lengthened to a dress in a variety of scrap fabrics

Since I’d asked the others to use up some scraps, I thought that I should follow suit. I traced off a dress length of the top from New Look 6216 and sorted through my scraps to find a few that were a decent size and that sort of went together. Others may disagree with the “went together” part, but I’m very pleased with the combination! I pieced the fabrics, then cut the dress front and back. The cut on cap sleeves and neckline were finished with simple bands. I used the twin needle – with orange threads – to secure the bands and the hemline. Not much more to say about this one really!

New Look 6216 lengthened to a dress in a variety of scrap fabrics

I love that I can look at this dress and remember the original garments that the fabric was used for. The leopard print was a top (still in my wardrobe), the black and white stripe a dress (just given away), the orange bamboo knit another dress (still in the wardrobe) and the geometric print is a pair of pants (still in the wardrobe but about to be given away). I also think that all the fabrics except the solid orange came from Darn Cheap Fabrics.

New Look 6216 lengthened to a dress in a variety of scrap fabrics

I really don’t quite know what to say about 2014. It has been a FULL ON year for my family. My husband was retrenched in May and is still looking for work; I went back to full-time work but across three different employers; we had a brilliant family trip to Thailand; Clare finished primary school; there were school related challenges for Stella and for me; my husband spent almost all of first term travelling for his work and I solo parented a lot; Buzz joined the family; my husband turned fifty; I had three trips to Sewjourn and one weekend away with the school mums; oh my now my head is swimming even more than usual because this list has barely scratched the surface. I haven’t managed to do lots of the things that I normally like to do, because I simply haven’t had the time. I have tried hard to get balance within the constraints placed upon me. Things are good, most of the time. But they’re not always easy. And as always, sewing – and the feedback, encouragement and support of other sewers and the blogging community – has helped to keep me sane. And my family and my friends have been fantastic.

Thanks everyone, and all the best for 2015.


11 thoughts on “New Look 6216 – sort of

  1. What a great dress. I don’t do animal prints but I think it all goes together. Love the orange; it really makes it all pop. Yes it has been a big year for many. I have enjoyed reading your blog Lara. Happy New Year to you and your family.

  2. Oh I know what you mean about wanting to blog all the 2014 makes in 2014 – I have about 5 more on the “to blog” list, but I’m so slow at writing that I’ll only her to 1 more this year!
    I am always amazed at your output Lara. When I first came across your blog I assumed you must be one of those rare people with lots of free time :), clearly not the case! Your year sounds like a very busy and challenging one, I’m glad you’ve still found time for sewing and friends. Here’s to a wonderful and hopefully less challenging year ahead for you and your family!

  3. You need to also remember to congratulate yourself for all the amazing things you do within your school, church and local communities as well as the inspiration and encouragement you give so many in the sewing community.
    I hope that 2015 is kinder to you lovely Lara and that it brings you all the good things in life you so deserve. Xx

  4. I love a bit of colour and pattern blocking. You’ve created a fabulous, easy to wear dress with lots of memories. With with regards to 2014… what Karen said and a big personal thank-you for all your encouragement, support and spots of enabling for my creative journey.

  5. I think you are an awesome and inspiring person, Lara. I love reading your blog and you have inspired me to try garment sewing for myself rather than just for my kids. Have a great 2015

  6. You made an amazing dress with the different knit fabrics. Best wishes to you and your family for a happy and healthy 2015. Please keep showing pics of your sewing. You are an inspiration!

  7. I really like the colour blocking and think it does all go together. You are a machine with all you put out and I am pleased I am not the only one with I blogged projects. It is the sew or blog with limited time available dilemma! Happy New Year!

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