challenge mitts

Back in late December and over the December/January school holidays, I churned through some odd balls of yarn by crocheting Challenge Mitts.  This is a wonderful free pattern that can easily be adapted for different yarns and different lengths, and even for different sizes.  These are just some of the mitts that I made – lots were given away (many as teacher gifts) before I photographed them.  See, not everything that I make actually makes it onto this blog!

Challenge Mitts

This pair was worked in Jet – always such a warm standby yarn! I think that this pair might be for me.

Challenge Mitts - kidsize

This was a single ball of 8 ply wool found in my stash. I was worried that I didn’t have enough for a whole pair, so made them kid-sized by chaining one less repeat and working a shorter length. They fit Clare nicely, and because I have small hands they are fine on me as well!

Challenge Mitts for Rachael

This soft, long pair were worked in Eki Riva Natal, an alpaca/silk blend. They were given to my friend Rachael, who really feels the cold in winter.

Challenge Mitts for Mandy

And another gifted pair, for my work colleague Mandy, who also feels the cold. They were worked in Cleckheaton Vintage Hues. I also crocheted her a matching hat, the Bessie Cap from the Jan/Feb 2013 issue of Crochet Today! I don’t have a photo of it being worn, so this will have to do.

Bessie Cap for Mandy

There is a separate band that can be worn as a headband, or instead as part of the hat. Mandy did wear it to work recently – Melbourne’s changeable weather again! – and it looked terrific on her. Definitely her colours.

Challenge Mitts and Bessie Cap for Mandy

So if you’re looking for a quick project that will also use up some random balls of yarn that might be lurking in your stash, take a look at the Challenge Mitts pattern by Sharon Maher! A wonderful pattern, and free to boot.


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