Granny shrug how-to

Paton’s Wilderness has been disappearing from yarn shop shelves ever since Kirsty showed us her wonderful granny shrugs.

Kirsty's granny shrug

The inimitable Kirsty is providing a fantastic visual how-to for the granny shrug on her blog today, with both video instructions and step-by-step photographs.  Anyone who prefers a traditional line-by-line written crochet pattern can find a pdf here.  I’ll have daylight photos of my shrug for you tomorrow.  Happy crocheting!


      1. Hello Joan – we are right in the middle of moving the pattern from an external website that has just closed down onto the Ravelry site. Please be patient and try again on Ravelry in a few days time!

  1. In Rnds 3, 4 ad 5 where it says … 3 ch (for tr), turn. 2 tr into “2-ch sp” … should this say … 2 tr into “1-ch sp”

    also, in Rnd 5, there seems to be something missing before … 3tr into 2-ch sp, 2 ch, 3 tr into same 2-ch sp – in a couple of places …

    Or is it me, reading the pattern wrong!

    1. Hi Patricia! The video is in Kirsty’s post, linked to above. I just checked it and it works fine. And I’m sorry, but I can’t explain the 5th round any further than I have! Without knowing what it is you don’t understand, I cannot explain! My apologies. Maybe have a look at Kirsty’s video tutorial. Good luck!

    1. Hello Shirley. You can make the granny shrug larger just by working more rows, around and around, until it’s large enough. Fold it in half and try each half on as you go to get an idea of when it will be large enough. I don’t have any more specific instructions than that. Good luck!

  2. can someone help me? I have tried and tried and I cannot figure out where to add the stitches for rounds after 5. Can you post the exact pattern for rounds 6-8 at least?

    1. Hi Dianna – the great thing with this pattern is that you just keep going and fold it in half as you go and check the fit as you go. It’s a bit of trial and error. Just experiment and see how it works out!

    1. Hi Pat – the written pattern is in the process of being moved from an external website that has just closed down onto the Ravelry site. Please be patient and try again on Ravelry in a few days time.

      1. Jean – when you click on the link the PDF downloads direct to your computer, so you have to click on the download to open it – I’m using Firefox and there is a green arrow on the top right of my page that I have to click on. Hope that helps – Di

  3. I have devoted 3 nighs and countless houres in trying to find concrte instructions on how to make this shrug. I keep ending up in the same places, Pictures of it and feed back, Is there any specific site where I can read the instructions, If I sound frustrated it is because I am. I would really like to make this for my daughter for Christmas. Please respond to my email, as I have had no luck online, Thank you so much and I hope you can help me.

    1. Hello Shirley.
      The links to the downloadable pdf are right here in the comments immediately before yours, as well as being on the relevant host page over at kootoyoo.
      In the above post it says “Anyone who prefers a traditional line-by-line written crochet pattern can find a pdf here” and the word “here” is hyperlinked. Click on it. It will take you to a host page where the words “granny shrug” are a hyperlink that will download the pdf directly to your computer.
      The direct link to the pdf at as per the above comments.
      Good luck with making the shrug.

      1. Unfortunately I have nothing else to suggest. The links work fine for me and I have tried them from a couple of different computers. Maybe try using a different browser, or could your security settings be having an effect? I have no problems accessing the pdf from either of the links above. Sorry, but that is all that I can do.

  4. This looks so easy and fast! Printing out the PDF pattern this morning. Should be a great way to “stashbust” my natural-fiber yarns! I wish this were linked to through the Ravelry pattern database also; it would have been much easier for me to find then.

    1. I later found 2 links to this from the Ravelry pattern database, and made one for myself, using Aran-weight wool yarn held double & a 15mm/Q hook. It was plenty big enough for my plus-size figure, so much so that I probably should go down a hook size or 2 when making this for others.

  5. This is has been on my to-do list since you posted it. I am in love with it. I usually dont like granny clothes but this is adorable. I bought a chunky black with colored flecks. This is my winter project. I am doing my research first then it will be on my hook! Thanks so much! Happy Holidays!

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