More beanies and a big granny

More beanies!  How is it possible?  These ones are for Handmade Help.

Handmade Help Beanies by you.

I think that I may now be able to crochet beanies in my sleep.  They’re all in Lincraft Cosy Wool once again, crocheted with 5.5mm and 5.0mm hooks, sized to fit a large child/small adult.  The pattern is the Divine Hat.  As much as I adore this pattern, I think I’ve now overdosed on it.  I’ve made about twelve.

Handmade Help beanie D by you.

This one reminds me of strawberries and cream flavoured ice-cream.

Because I had lots of 1/4 balls of yarn left over from the bombardment of beanie-making, I decided to turn them into a granny square.

big granny - to become a cushion by you.

It’s a big granny square – I kept going until I ran out of yarn.  I’m going to turn it into a cushion.  I had a lovely time working away on my granny while chatting and laughing with seven other school mums on Saturday night.

granny square detail by you.

It’s come up much more nicely than I’d anticipated!

8 thoughts on “More beanies and a big granny

  1. I had a look at the unfortunately me me and I sound dead in most of them. LOL

    Good job with the hats. yes i think you can overdose on something when you have made it without a space with other ideas.

    I love your granny square, they are the whole reason I wanted to learn to crochet. So far though I back and forth like I’m knitting. maybe one day I will be daring and go round a corner. 🙂

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