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A Flat Cap for summer

My dad will be 92 in March.  Yes, you read correctly.  And we’re all lucky – other than hearing loss and some comparatively minor age-related issues, he’s in pretty good shape.  Dad still mows the lawns (not in the summer heat) and does basic garden maintenance.  He’s only recently handed in his driver’s license, and he spends his days alternating between pottering with wood in one of his workshops, reading the paper, having a nap, and reading books.  When I think of my dad, I think of a man with a hat.  In summer it’s usually a brimmed hat; in winter it’s a flat cap.  Each time a birthday or Christmas rolls around, I wonder what to give dad – after all, what would a man of that age like?  He’s not a drinker and doesn’t have an interest in sports.  So how about another hat?

Flat Cap pattern by You Sew Girl in textured cotton linen from The Cloth Shop

I figured that this time I’d sew a flat cap in summer-weight fabrics. The main fabric is textured cotton/linen from The Cloth Shop. I lined it with quilting cotton (sorry, no photograph of that).

Flat Cap pattern by You Sew Girl in textured cotton linen from The Cloth Shop

I’ve now sewn The Flat Cap pattern by Nicole Mallalieu of You Sew Girl four times. It’s an excellent pattern. The instructions are great, everything fits together beautifully. You really can tell that the pattern has been designed by a professional with loads of hat making experience.

Flat caps

I did a little trawl through the archives and found the other caps.  One in wool, one in denim, and one in leather.  My dad is a small bloke, with a small head.  His cap is size Small, and as it happens it fits me too.

Flat Cap pattern by You Sew Girl in textured cotton linen from The Cloth Shop

Not sure that I can carry it off with the same aplomb as dad!  Those of you who follow me on Instagram will have recently seen a photo of my broken handled pinking shears. It was trimming back the seam allowances on this cap – through a section with about six layers of fabric plus template plastic – that resulted in that sad occurrence. However, I had no issues trimming the rest of it back with sharper scissors from then on. Moral of the story – make sure that your pinking shears are sharp, and don’t try to cut six layers at a time.

Flat cap - grandparents and granddaughters

Actually, one of dad’s favourite things to do is to see and spend time with his granddaughters. My two are the only grandkids, and dad never thought that he’d be around long enough to see grandkids at all, let alone see them get to this age. We’re pretty blessed.