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True Romance with a little Exhale

At the moment I’m flirting with statement sleeves.  I don’t like them to be impractical, but do like the overall look.  I sewed up the Pattern Emporium True Romance bishop sleeve top back in 2018, and decided to give the pattern another whirl.

Pattern Emporium True Romance top with modified neckline

I actually like this one more than the first! I did a few things differently. Obviously, the fabric. This is wool/acrylic blend, fairly light weight, that I bought at Super Cheap Fabrics ages ago. It gathers beautifully into the full length elasticised cuff. This is the ‘dramatic’ sleeve option.

Pattern Emporium True Romance top with modified neckline

I decided to leave off the bottom band, so lengthened the body a couple of inches. I could have lengthened it a little more but was working with a limited amount of fabric, so this was it! Size-wise, it’s 12 throughout, without any alterations.

Pattern Emporium True Romance top with modified neckline

From their website: The bishop sleeve is a gorgeously classic design that has made a comeback both on the catwalk & in our favourite fashion stores. We have have designed a simple bishop sleeve pattern with lots of options & finishes for you to sew. FEATURES: To get the most out of this feminine trend, this pattern includes 3 bodice shapes to fit & flatter a range of bodies, styles and, of course, show off your pretty bishop sleeves.

  • 2 Bishop Sleeve Styles : Subtle & Dramatic.
  • 3 Sleeve Finishes : Cuff, Shirred or Elastic.
  • 3 Silhouettes : Banded, Flared & Tee.
  • Boat Neckline.

Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 12.57.01 pm

Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 12.56.46 pm

Last time I sewed the boat neckline, but I didn’t really find it great to wear. Instead, I used the high round neckline from the Exhale pattern.


It’s definitely worth mashing patterns together and it’s particularly easy to do when they’re from the same designer – and this company actively encourages it.

Pattern Emporium True Romance top with modified neckline

It’s almost as quick to sew this top as a regular tee!  It’s mostly constructed on the overlocker, with the machine used to secure the bottom ham (with a zig-zag) and the sleeve casings for the elastic.  Very straightforward, with a pleasing result.

4 thoughts on “True Romance with a little Exhale

  1. This outfit looks so lovely on you! I like the neckline much better than the original. If you made it in a crepe with matching wide leg pants you could wear it for any party/wedding/black tie occasion……if we ever have any again.

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