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Remy Raglan

Today I have a pattern that I haven’t sewn before!  And it’s a newly released one.

Sew House 7 Remy Raglan in foiled linen

This is the Sew House 7 Remy Raglan. From their website:  The Remy Raglan is a simple top that is quick to make and easy to wear with a relaxed fit. This top was originally designed to wear under the Burnside Bibs and with the Free Range Slacks during their respective photoshoots. Many customers inquired about the top and so it became the Remy Raglan pattern. This top was designed to have the sleeves rolled up and it should be noted the sleeves look best that way. The fit is very loose and relaxed at the bust and waist and while it is not a cropped top, it is a short top designed to be worn with high waist pants and skirts. The original design is version #1, plain and simple, however, version #2 offers a little visual interest to the front with a split center and keyhole button closure. There are two sleeve options – short sleeve and 3/4- length sleeves and both work with either versions #1 or #2. This top was originally designed for very light weight linen. While it can work in a variety of light weight woven fabrics, this top is the perfect, simple backdrop to let a beautiful linen shine. If you choose a more rigid fabric such as cotton lawn, the neck may appear a little smaller and the bottom hem will be a bit fuller and not drape as closely to the body. Also be aware that one-sided printed fabrics will not look good once the sleeves are rolled up. Be sure that the front and back sides of your fabric are presentable. Remy Raglan line drawing I have plenty of linen leftovers in my stash, and thought that this would be the perfect pattern for me to use to do some colour blocking. That said, I used one fabric for my ‘wearable muslin’! I’ve had this gold foiled navy linen in stash for ages; I could never figure out just what it should become.

Sew House 7 Remy Raglan in foiled linen

I chose to sew size 12, with a forward shoulder alteration. I now realise that a high rounded back/forward head alteration would probably have been fine, but this has still worked okay! I sewed it with french seams throughout (good grief).  The pattern comes in a size range from 00 to 36.

Sew House 7 Remy Raglan in foiled linen

I had a vintage button in stash that works really nicely at the neckline. I don’t have to undo the button to get this on and off; it just slips over my head. If I was sewing this again I would lengthen the 3/4 sleeve a little more and reshape the lower sleeve to be a bit wider for an easier roll up. Although the pattern has designed to be worn with the sleeves rolled up, the longer sleeve still tapers a bit toward the sleeve hem. This makes rolling up a little more difficult!

Sew House 7 Remy Raglan in foiled linen

I can tell that this pattern will get plenty of use once the weather has warmed up a bit. You can see a beautiful colour/print blocked version sewn by Anna here.

5 thoughts on “Remy Raglan

  1. Hi Lara I have been following your blog online for quite a while now and really appreciate your thoughts, ideas and advice on sewing various patterns. I particularly love your version of this top and pairing with slim fitting pants. Looks fantastic and I am really inspired to try this pattern now. Thank you. Jill

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    1. Hi Katherine, that’s a good question! I’ve only sewn the Maddison in knit fabrics, but have seen others do it in wovens. It’s got shoulder darts, which are always good for fit, and separate cuffs and lower band. The overall silhouette will be basically the same, I reckon. Maybe I should have pulled out the Maddison before I bought the Remy!

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