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Style Arc Loren in orange

Another pattern repeat!  This one is the Style Arc Loren coat – you can see my first version here; I really like the way that it fits and I wear it often.

Style Arc Loren jacket in upholstery fabric

This version is also size 12, but made from a vastly different fabric type. This is a thick fabric that looks like a boucle on one side, but has long floating threads in a different colour on the other. I wonder if it is an upholstery fabric? I picked it up at Restash, so have not real idea of composition or anything else. It frayed terribly and I finished the edges of each piece on the overlocker before I started joining it to another.

Style Arc Loren jacket in upholstery fabric

Style Arc Loren jacket in upholstery fabric

The thickness of the fabric meant that I needed to hand-stitch the patch pockets to the front, and hand stitch the coat hem and the sleeve hems.

Style Arc Loren jacket in upholstery fabric

There’s a lot that I like about this coat, but there’s a lot that could have been improved. Note that the pattern itself is designed to be sewn in a range of fabrics and the instructions are perfectly fine. It’s an unlined coat, and the person sewing it really needs to choose the appropriate sewing techniques and finishing options for the fabric that they have selected.

Style Arc Loren jacket in upholstery fabric

I’ll talk about the collar first. You can see in the above photo how the fabric sort of collapses upon itself, despite it’s thickness. I did grade the seams, but the entire front facing and collar area would have benefitted from me used more tailoring techniques. Some more interfacing, using a few types through the collar area, and definitely made some more adjustments for turn of cloth.

Style Arc Loren jacket in upholstery fabric

The same applies to the shoulders. Despite this being designed for a relaxed fit with an extended shoulder line, I could have considered a small shoulder pad and more sleeve head support.

Style Arc Loren jacket in upholstery fabric

What I will definitely go back and do (and should have done at the time, learning from the first Loren that I sewed) was to hand-stitch the facings in place down the entire front of the coat. It will make it hang so much better. I might even consider some closures.

Style Arc Loren jacket in upholstery fabric

From the Style Arc website: This easy fit essential jacket will become your favourite go to garment for all seasons and all occasions, this will only be defined by your choice of fabric. Featuring a slim shawl collar and optional patch or inseam pockets. This is a simply constructed pattern that can be made in wool suiting or linen for every day, knit for the weekend or for a touch of glamour make it in lurex fabric or for an on-trend look make it in faux fur.
FABRIC SUGGESTION: Wool, linen, ponte, crepe, faux fur, sweater knit or lurex.


I will wear this coat, but it could have been better. Just a reminder to all of you to really consider what techniques you choose for each garment, depending on the fabric.

Style Arc Loren jacket in upholstery fabric

Most of you who read this blog know that I live in Melbourne.  We’re about to go back into covid-19 stage 3 restrictions again, from midnight tonight.  Back to only leaving home for food, for work if it can’t be done from home (so no change for us; we’re already working from home), for caring responsibilities, for daily exercise.  At this stage it’s for six weeks.  Clare still gets to go back to school on Monday (VCE students are continuing classes) but Stella gets an extra week of school holidays while the government figures out what happens next – I assume she’ll go back to remote learning.

This was expected really, watching the numbers go up and up and up over the past few weeks.  My plea to regional Victoria and the rest of the country: you also need to follow the rules and the recommendations!  When there are recommendations that you don’t travel, don’t!  When you are told to socially distance, do it!  We all know that it was when people began to get complacent and see more and more  and more family and friends in enclosed spaces and forgot about social distancing and hugged and kissed etc that this has become an issue again.  We all know that it’s hard – but it isn’t the random person in the supermarket that you’re most likely to catch this from; it’s your family and friends who you hug and forget to wash hands around.  Keep up with hygiene; keep on social distancing; minimise where you go and who you see.  You’re fortunate that you don’t have to go back into lockdown; ensure that it doesn’t happen by following the rules.

We’ve all seen how quickly this disease takes hold and we do still have a chance to keep it under control in Australia – but this will only happen if everyone considers the good of the community rather than their individual ‘rights’.  We all need to take responsibility.  So if you’re looking for me over the next six (at least) weeks, you know exactly where I’ll be!



6 thoughts on “Style Arc Loren in orange

  1. Another awesome make from you Lara. That “burnt orange” looks so gorgeous on you.
    Reacting to your wonderfully sensible reminders about pandemic safety, here in regional NSW – Murrurundi – we had a couple visiting from Melbourne the past weekend. Our village is only 900 so there were scandalised whispers and warnings for people to keep their distance when these people visited our local cafe on Sunday! It’s a strange new behaviour for us normally very gregarious rural people to be so unwelcoming.

  2. Hi Lara,

    I really feel for you all going back into lockdown. Let’s hope this thing gets under control sooner rather than later.

    This coat is a lovely colour and it fits so nicely across the back of your shoulders. I hope it keeps you cosy warm during winter.

    Best wishes, Katherine

  3. Lovely color and fabric! Perfect on you. You can still put a removable shoulder pad in both coats.
    Re coronavirus; I’m in Arizona in the USA, we’re undergoing what you are in rising numbers and deaths. Basically, with no national mandate, most people are totally irresponsible.
    I’m sad, and I’m afraid.

  4. The coat looks great, the color is fantastic on you and I imagine it goes with a lot of your wardrobe. Fun to have a coat that isn’t just grey or black. Although I will never understand unlined coats 🙂 as for lockdown, that’s a shame and we are in exactly the same boat here in N. California, started out well and sliding now into more cases and back to lockdowns. It’s a lovely summer and so a bit more tolerable but whew when winter arrives I think people will just lose their minds.

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