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Apertio pouch

Over the weekend I pulled out a couple of long dormant projects.  A crochet blanket, all 24 squares made but needing to be edged then joined together.  The squares are all different, so have different stitch counts in their outside row.  This is where the project had halted – I needed to count how many stitches there were, record it for each square then figure out what increases/decreases I would need to do in my edging round in order to have them pretty much the same for joining.  I’ve now done all the counting and calculations and have started on the outside rounds.  My family use my crochet blankets as couch blankets, so it will be good to finally get this done!  The squares were all crocheted during 2012.  I found an even older project – a quilt top that was a Block A Month project started in 2009.  The nine main blocks were done at the time.  Today I’m going to sew up the setting squares and finish off the top.  Then I’ll add it to my to-be-quilted box, which contains quilt tops, wadding and backs.  Maybe some of those will finally get finished this year too!

Apertio pouch

A couple of weeks ago I sewed up this little Apertio pouch. It’s a free pattern by Blogless Anna, and was a highly satisfying project. Anna excels in writing extremely clear and detailed instructions; her perfectionism gives beautiful results.

Apertio pouch

This little pouch is fully lined. I didn’t have a zip of the correct length in stash (however Anna does sell them) so used one that was longer and was extremely careful when I inserted it. The corners are boxed, which gives shape and structure. I added a little label from Kylie and the Machine into the side seam.

Apertio pouch

That lovely textured outer fabric came to me via Restash last year (I now know it originally belonged to Jenny – thank you). This little pouch really does feel like it’s a combined effort by sewing friends – Anna,  Kylie, Jenny and me!  Give this pattern a whirl if you’re looking for something to sew while you’re staying at home.

Apertio pouch

4 thoughts on “Apertio pouch

  1. I like the look of it – it seems quite unusual. But as I’m always losing stuff in my handbag I’m wondering how practical it would be for me. I’ll have to check the measurements. Perhaps it’s good for slipping into a bigger tote bag? Or for those outings when you just need a clutch bag? I’m seeing possibilities. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Winny – it’s smallish, not handbag size. Definitely a pouch for keeping smaller items together and would work well popped into a larger bag. Although it would also work for when you just need a clutch. I’ll use it for cosmetics or stationery or medications, that sort of thing.

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