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Blackwood cardigan the second

Well, things have really ramped up here in Victoria since I last blogged.  Was that only two days ago?  Clare is at school today for the last day for who knows how long.  What a way to do year 12.  She’ll hand in some work, sit another assessment, then bring home all of her books and Stella’s.  We’ve kept Stella home, and Dan and I are working from home, if I can find the focus somewhere in me to work effectively today.  I tried to do some sewing over the weekend, a hoodie that was already cut out, and couldn’t even finish it.  I just couldn’t concentrate.  Weirdly though, crochet seems to be working for me!  Maybe because I can just sit in front of the tv, yarn over, hook in, pull yarn through, repeat.  Stella is playing lots of Minecraft, much to her joy.  At some stage we’ll need to find a new structure for our days, but today isn’t the day for that.  Today we’re just grieving all the losses and disappointments that are already behind us, and preparing for the many more that are ahead.  I know that sounds depressing, but we’ve never faced a situation like this one.  We’ll get through it and out the other side, but there’s lots of in between to go.

Blackwood cardigan in ponte from Super Cheap Fabrics

So, back to sewing. Good thing that I had a few unblogged projects! I cut out this Helen’s Closet Blackwood cardigan from the Super Cheap Fabrics ponte left over from my Lodo dress. I’ve now used up every scrap of the ponte.

Blackwood cardigan in ponte from Super Cheap Fabrics

This is size 14, in the B cup option. I shortened the sleeves a couple of inches before cutting out. Most construction is on the overlocker.

Blackwood cardigan in ponte from Super Cheap Fabrics

Those are lovely deep pockets. I really like the way that the top of the pockets is constructed, as a double fold that is overlocked to the bottom half of the pocket. Much nicer than just turning and hemming the top of the pocket. I still did some topstitching of the seam allowances to secure them and add a little detail.

Blackwood cardigan in ponte from Super Cheap Fabrics

The cardigan is a lovely fit. The sleeves are very slim, and the overall long lines of this cardigan option make it extremely easy to wear. The front isn’t designed to close.  The neckband sits nicely at the back against my neck – and that’s even without a forward shoulder and/or forward head alteration!

Blackwood cardigan in ponte from Super Cheap Fabrics

Once again, this is way more black than I would usually wear, but with coloured glasses frames and some lippy, along with the low key colour in the print, I think that it works.


I figure that this pattern will become part of my regular rotation, and I’d still like to make the shorter version. This is a time when I’m very grateful for my extensive fabric stash. I’m sure that my sewjo will return!  I am trying to work out what will be my favourite ‘working from home’ outfit for autumn/winter.

Blackwood cardigan in ponte from Super Cheap Fabrics

9 thoughts on “Blackwood cardigan the second

  1. That is one of the nicest versions I’ve seen. I too am grateful for my stash and the various online sewing communities at this time. I have a Spotify playlist called Allbymyself and I am hoping to embrace this isolation to explore lots of possibilities both sewing and other! Hope you find your sewjo!

  2. thank you for the detailed info…I’d like to make this….and I don’t want to make in black…although I wear lots of black…..maybe a red or bright blue as an accent.
    Good luck with family, jobs, and isolation…feel free to email if you need to vent….laura

  3. A neigbour called me today and said I must be busy sewing since we are home in isolation after an international flight last week. i didn’t know how to explain that I just couldn’t do it. My brain is all over the place with what ifs, how longs and more.
    Just take it one day at a time and be thankful we live in countries with universal healthcare.

  4. Love this sophisticated outfit! I’ve followed your blog for years even though I don’t sew garments (and I barely sew anything else—but I have great appreciation for the skill). I admire your productivity and style, and I also enjoy the posts about your sweet family. Wishing you and your family good health and comfort during this time of crisis.

  5. I so agree with your comments on grieving. It is so very true. Although we are not panicking, the reality has really hit now. I work at a school and we have all been sent home indefinitely. This is part of my routine, and although I sometimes complain that work gets in the way of my sewing, this is all very different. I am attempting to deal with a day at a time…thinking too far ahead at the ‘what ifs’ is too overwhelming. Take care. This too shall pass.

  6. We are grieving as well. I’ve had to cancel our beach vacation and a long awaited Style School with Nancy Nix-Rice. My niece has postponed her wedding that was planned for mid April. No visits from the grands for who knows how long. Thank goodness for Facetime. I’ve worked from home for many years but now my husband is now home and bored to tears. Our weather has been nothing but rain for days now so he can’t even get outside for yard work. There’s really nothing as much fun a bored 63 year old. Ugh.

    I’m trying to focus on the brighter side of things. We talk everyday of things we are thankful for, my work from home job, spending some quality time together, plenty good food in the fridge and pantry (even if finding it is an adventure), as well as time to indulge in a few new recipes. I was able to indulge my inner hermit in my sewing room all weekend.

    Thank you for posting your wonderful makes. I look forward to your posts and it makes me happy when I check and there is something new. I love your Blackwood and agree it’s a favorite. I’ve lost count of how many I’ve made.

    I hope you are able to find peace in these quieter times.

  7. Love the cardi Perfect fabric. May be I need that pattern. I’m still going to the office every second day and working from home the other (staff rotation). Had hours and pay decreased by 25%. Two holidays cancelled (not sure yet if I’ll get my money back). One to visit my daughter in Germany who is now holed up unemployed. Lucky she still gets 60% of prior income via government assistance. Strange times. I visited The Cloth Shop last week to use a gift voucher I had so am fabric stocked up. Stay well and good luck with the sewing motivation.

  8. The current situation takes me back to the aftermath of our earthquakes and that feeling of vulnerability and also being in the same head space as everyone around us and there only being one topic of conversation. We learnt so much through that and although at the time it seemed to go on forever we got through and the sun did indeed shine again.

    We go into lock down tomorrow and the last 24 hours since the announcement have been manic. I was supposed to work from home today but spent most of the day in the office and running errands. Tomorrow will be my dry run. I must admit being so busy I didn’t dwell on the current situation and the fact that it was Joel’s first day away from school indefinitely. Reality will set in on Thursday and I am not sure whether I feel relieved or worried about being isolated at home with the lad while the rest of the family work long hours in essential services. I guess I need to just make the best of a bad situation and perhaps stay away from the media as much as possible. I have lost my attention span for sewing but have started knitting again. Hopefully it will return so I can make a dent in my stash when all the emails stop.

    Stay safe

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