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More Lodo dresses

Well, in the two weeks since my last blog post the world has become a very different place.  I’m generally going to just stick to posting my sewing stuff here, but need to acknowledge that these are very strange and difficult times.  Stay home, stay safe, stay away from other people, let’s do all that we possibly can to flatten the curve.  Don’t wait for government instruction to just stay home – if at all possible, do it now.  We’re all in the same boat here and we all need to pull together – but separately! Stay away from the shops and the cafes and the restaurants except to get food, and only when you HAVE to.

In the meantime, these are the True Bias Lodo dresses I made a few weeks ago.  The first successful one that I sewed is here.

True Bias Lodo dress short version

This short version is sewn from printed ponte from Rathdowne Fabrics. It’s much more structured fabric than the previous version, so the cocoon shape is much more evident.

True Bias Lodo dress short version

Even this the shorter version doesn’t need the centre back seam to accommodate a walking split, I left the seam there for shaping. Like the previous version, this dress has a half inch sway back adjustment to allow for my short back waist length. It also has the same half inch forward shoulder alteration.

True Bias Lodo dress short version

This is pattern length for the short version of the dress. I’m 158cm tall, and wouldn’t want it any shorter! Fine when standing and walking, but no so fine when bending over. Overall I really like this Lodo.

Another Lodo dress

Isn’t that a gorgeous fabric? It was a gift, but I think originally may have come from Tessuti Fabrics. It’s also a ponte, but this one is super soft and drapey. I figure that it’s got lots of rayon in it. Fibre type really affects the feel and structure of ponte, even when it’s still essentially a double knit.

Another Lodo dress

This is pretty much the same as the black with goldish blocks one I sewed, just in a different fabric. Exactly the same alterations. I notice that using quilting cotton for the sleeve facings is making the sleeve edges stick out a bit – the ponte is very soft, whereas the cotton is more structured, even cut on the bias.

Another Lodo dress

Well, that’s it with the Lodo dresses for now – I think that my wardrobe has plenty! I have a few things to update the blog with and it looks as though I’ll be getting a whole lot more sewed up in the next few weeks/months. I am fortunate to be able to work from home, as is my husband, so in many ways things are carrying on in the new normal for us. Everything in all our calendars has been cancelled. Clare did Girl Guides last night via Zoom, and Stella has done her dance classes today via an online platform. School is still running but quickly enabling capability for school from home – Clare is in Year 12, so this has been a source of anxiety for us. Thank goodness for the technology that is keeping us all together and connected socially while being separated physically.

7 thoughts on “More Lodo dresses

  1. Your new eating regime is definitely working with you. You look fantastic in these photos. I love, love your new makes.. I think your second dress could be shorten atad, you have the pins to carry it off.. still below the knees .
    I alway enjoy seeing your fabric selections.. cheers x

    I alway loved your fabric selections..

  2. Great dresses! I have an issue wearing dresses that is rarely addressed. My thighs rub together and it is painful. Do any of your readers have ideas ( besides losing weight- I am working on that already). I haven’t worn a dress for a decade at least…

  3. I do like the Lodo dress and your lively versions have tempted me!

    Things are escalating daily here in NZ. I have just had an email from school tonight to say that my year 12 is transitioning to a 4 day week this week with the 5th being from home. He goes to one of the largest schools in the country with 2600 students over 5 year groups so high risk. I am still in the office but hope to be working from home soon. Unfortunately the rest of my family work in essential services so will be working away from home permanently.

    Not much sewing here due to a short attention span and one machine in the repair shop (talk about timing). I am enjoying knitting though. The repetitiveness in front of the TV is somehow quite comforting.

    Take care
    Andrea (fabricepiphanies)

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