I’m on a podcast!

Back in November, Anne and Maria asked whether I’d be interested in chatting with them about Sewjourn on their podcast Sew Organised Style.  The episode has gone live today – so if you’re interested pop over and download it and listen.

2019 faves

It’s the three of us talking about what Sewjourn is and how I get organised for it, as well as me sharing my thoughts and opinions about a number of sewing related topics. I warn you, it’s an hour long – I clearly have plenty to say. For those of you who are overseas, I hope that you enjoy our Australian accents!

The podcast page for Sew Organised Style is here and a direct link to ‘my’ episode is here.

5 thoughts on “I’m on a podcast!

  1. Hi Lara,
    Your podcast was great. So nice to put a voice to your lovely face. I’ve followed your blog for many years so it was great to hear your thoughts on sewing related matters. Maybe I will ‘bump’ into you in a fabric shop one day irl to actually say hello in person.

  2. Just listened to the podcast – thanks! Your mention of “Knitwits” brought back memories of my mother and I attending their course in Cape Town back in the day. Also until recently, I was also sewing on the machine I got for my 21st birthday – although I hadn’t been sewing continuously all that time!
    I hope that one day I can join Sewjourn!

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