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Closet Case Patterns Cielo Top

Do you have special pieces of fabric that you hoard, waiting for the perfect pattern?  I bought a few batik rayon sarongs when I was in Bali a few year ago.  I’ve sewn a couple of them, but this one was my favourite.  The perfect green, with spots.  A wonderful drape for a top.  I needed to choose something that was just right.  Then the Closet Case Patterns Cielo Top and Dress pattern appeared.


Although it was the lantern sleeves of the top on the right that initially drew me to this pattern, I knew that I would only have enough fabric for short.  Luckily, there are a few pattern options included.

Skirt_Technical Flat

The pattern website describes this pattern as follows: Part of our Rome Collection, the Cielo Dress & Top is an easy, breezy take on a boxy tee and shift dress. Loaded with interesting details and interchangeable features, it will fast become a wardrobe building favourite.  Choose between a semi-cropped top with a cuffed short sleeve (View A) or dramatic gathered long sleeve (View B). Or, make an easy fitting dress with sleek inseam pockets (View C), or without pockets (View D). All views have a slightly dropped shoulder, angled shoulder yoke and roomy fit, with a choice between an elegant bias binding or faced neckline finish.

So, there were lots of options that I liked.  Boxy, but with some bust darts.  Cuffed short sleeve.  Easy fitting, with a roomy fit.  Semi-cropped isn’t my style, but that’s easily fixed – just add length!  So I measured myself, checked out the sizing options on the back of the pattern envelope, and cut out size 16 with a C cup.  You know where this is heading, don’t you!

Closet Case Patterns Cielo top in batik rayon from Bali

Well, I love the finished top. The neckline facing sits beautifully, the added length with wide hem is also terrific, and it is really well drafted. It’s just two sizes too large for me. And I used up every single scrap sewing this! But I’m lucky – there was a special person who wanted it. My mum!

Closet Case Patterns Cielo top in batik rayon from Bali

And isn’t it just great on her! I also sewed her the linen pants that she’s wearing. It’s a lovely colour on mum, and on her you can see how it is meant to fit.

Closet Case Patterns Cielo top in batik rayon from Bali

Boxy and easy fitting is not the same thing as ‘just too big’. Personal preference obviously plays into how you feel about this, but you can see that the neckline is well proportioned on Mum, the drop shoulders are in a better spot, and overall it just looks good! Now that’s what I call a great save – just give it to the right person.

Closet Case Patterns Cielo top in batik rayon from Bali

And you haven’t seen the last of this pattern – I’ve just sewn up the short sleeved dress – in my size!  And I still plan to sew something with those wonderful lantern sleeves.  And maybe there will be another top for Mum at some stage!

13 thoughts on “Closet Case Patterns Cielo Top

  1. and what size are you sewing for yourself? I also recently bought this pattern but I’m glad I didn’t cut it out yet. You and I typically can wear the same size even though our figure shapes are a little different. please advise. thanks, Linda

  2. What a lovely make and a lovely save! That top and those pants together make a great outfit and they really do look great on your mom. BTW, I’m thrilled that you are blogging again. I’m usually a lurker and while we have very different body types and therefore very different makes, I always enjoy reading your posts and seeing all the different garments you sew.

  3. What a great top! Mum looks fabulous! Love also your Linden Sweatshirt tee, and the two outfits for your daughters are so stylish. Great sewing and styling, Lara. You have such a good eye for fabric to pattern. Tell your Mum I thought her outfit looked divine on her.

  4. Lara the top looks lovely on your mum. It’s a great pattern. I’ve made 3 short sleeved tops and just finished one with the fabulous sleeves. I made size 12 and the fit is good. I think we are similar in size.

  5. Well you’re right, it’s perfect on your Mom….so should I send you my address, when something is too long, too big in the shoulders……:-)
    Love the make on your Mom along with the slacks.

  6. VERY stylish outfit, Mum! Glad to read the review, thank you Lara, this one is queued up for me…..but also, what pattern did you use for your Mum’s pants?

  7. That looks fantastic on your mom! I just finished my first Cielo top and found your review after I had made mine. I ran into the same problem – it seemed just too big and not elegantly boxy like I had wanted. I’ve cut out a second one in a size smaller, but may need to go down another size. Lovely work, and I’m glad you’ve found someone who will wear it beautifully!

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