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Pattern Emporium Sashay Shorts

Clare really likes short, full skirts for summer – but they usually need to be worn with bike shorts underneath in case of inadvertant gusts of wind.  The solution?  An equally full pair of shorts. Enter the Pattern Emporium Sashay Flared Shorts.

Pattern Emporium Sashay Shorts

This is a really simple shorts/skirt solution for knit fabrics. Each leg is only one pattern piece; there are no side seams. Sew inner legs, sew crotch, sew on waistband. You don’t get much simpler than that! Unless you decide to add pockets (I didn’t).

Pattern Emporium Sashay Shorts

The fabric was an impulse buy I bought online because the print was SO pretty. It’s a fairly slippery, slightly shiny poly spandex and is quite lightweight. It was a bit shifty to cut and sew, but Clare assures me that it’s really good to wear.

Pattern Emporium Sashay Shorts

As you can see, I didn’t even hem it! The fabric just wanted to be left free. It’s very swishy. From the Pattern Emporium website: The Sashay Shorts are your next Summer staple, with a little bit of sass & a whole lot of comfort. The Sashay Shorts is a stretch knit flared short pattern. It comes in a variety of lengths, flares & finishes.  They are perfect for daywear & even beachwear. You won’t be able to help but to give a little swish as you sashay everywhere in your new shorts!

These come in three levels of flare, three lengths, have two pocket options, and six waistband options.  That’s a lot!  Clare’s shorts are the full option in the short length, with a covered elastic waistband. The full option is 3/4 of a circle – plenty of flare!


Pattern Emporium Sashay Shorts

As it happens, this was the second pair of Sashay Shorts that I sewed. The first pair was for me, to be worn as pyjama bottoms with a freebie organic cotton tee that Best’n’Less had given me. I had a striped knit in stash that coordinated perfectly!

Pattern Emporium Sashay shorts

Mine are the slimline level of flare, longer length, with the wider yoga band. And yes, I couldn’t help myself – I did do some stripe matching! My pair of shorts is hemmed, unlike Clare’s. I just overlocked around the leg openings then turned a 5/8″ hem and stitched it down by machine. I didn’t include any elastic in the yoga waistband and it’s been staying in place just fine.

Pattern Emporium Sashay shorts

In fact, I’m wearing this pyjama set right now! I suspect that I’ll return to this pattern, probably more for the girls than for me. I rarely wear shorts – when the weather is hot I prefer to wear dresses, as I find them cooler. But they’re a go-to for my daughters.

Pattern Emporium Sashay Shorts

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