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Saving a failure

So, what do you do when you decide to ignore the fabric stretch percentage recommendation and sew a dress for your daughter that she can’t get on no matter how hard she tries?

High low skirt

I cut off the bodice, enlarged the waist opening so that it would wriggle up over her hips, and added a waistband made from wide black elastic.

High low skirt

She seemed happy enough with this partial save – sadly there was no way that I could effectively make the original bodice fit her properly, despite my best efforts. Good thing that she had a tee that coordinates!

High low skirt

And the best thing about a full circle high-low skirt? The twirl factor, of course!

High low skirt

So, the moral of the story: when sewing a pattern that is designed for knits, pay attention to the recommended stretch percentage. Especially if it relies on negative ease to fit the bodice well. Learn from my mistakes! And then save what you can of the garment, if you can.

High low skirt

4 thoughts on “Saving a failure

  1. It’s a wonderful, lovely skirt! Great save. The shorter hair is so flattering….and a bit more “grown-up” than the longer hair. Both girls are growing up so fast.

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