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So many Athinas

Tessuti Athina Top

My goodness, this is the fourth time that I’ve sewn the Tessuti Athina top, and all were sewn within a six month period! To refresh, this boxy style top features an extended shoulder and dropped sleeve. There are two length options available. Sizes range from XS (86 cm bust) to XL (106 cm bust).  And did I mention that the pattern is free?

Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 10.34.00 am

I need to pull out the pattern to see what size I sewed – it was possibly the L.  Thisis the shorter length.  I have now done a forward shoulder alteration to this pattern, which works beautifully to stop the neckline from pulling back and choking me.  I really should consider this alteration as standard for me.  The older I get and the more time I spend on a computer screen (or sewing!) the more rounded my upper back and shoulders become.

Tessuti Athina Top

So, to this fabric. It is vintage – very vintage, coming from June’s stash (June is the mother of one of my friends, who is now in a retirement village and generously passed much of her stash on to me when she moved). It is quite lightweight yet warm. After discussion with Kim from The Cloth Shop Ivanhoe we think that it is possibly wool challis. It’s ever so slightly scratchy, but that isn’t a problem when wearing it. And there’s definitely that wool smell when the fabric is pressed.

Tessuti Athina Top

I don’t normally choose such small scale, delicate prints, but surprisingly I have worn this quite a bit. It is easily accessorised, and I feel good in it. And isn’t that what it’s all about!

Tessuti Athina Top

How many Athina tops is too many? I don’t think I’ve yet reached peak Athina. Depending on the fabric choice it is a top that can be worn for much of the year. I reckon that a couple in something very lightweight would be good for sun protection in summer (although proper sun protection also requires a collar). Speaking of sun protection, I recently had my annual skin check, and for the second year in a row I didn’t need any lesions removed! I’m so pleased. Keep using that sunscreen, everyone!

Tessuti Athina Top

6 thoughts on “So many Athinas

  1. You know I’m familiar with the pattern, but have not made it, I will after seeing yours, with a similar back adjustment. A good make indeed.
    You always inspire me, thanks

  2. Lara, this pattern is so flattering on you. I love this pattern too. It is my go to in the summer. I have no idea how many I have made, but it must be over 20. As you say it works in many fabrics.

  3. I really like the front of this top on you, and the paisley…yes! but the back, there is just too much material there for you. Consider doing a couple of fish eye darts or maybe some elastic ruching to give it a little more shape. Or even a pleat with a little tab to hold it down.

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