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Style Arc Abigail knit top

This version of the Style Arc Abigail knit top was the second one that I’d made (I’ve sewn a third one since).  And like the first, I sewed it from a couple of fabrics.

Style Arc Abigail knit top

The body is sewn from a striped lightweight ponte. I only had enough of it for the body, so sewed the sleeves from a crinkled wool knit that originally came from the Darn Cheap Fabrics $2 table. I’m not sure if you can tell in these photos, but I matched those stripes along both side seams and the centre front seam. I reckon that I did a pretty good job of it! I do remember that I used an extraordinary number of pins.

Style Arc Abigail knit top

I really like the way that this top fits on me. It’s perfect for those days when I’m feel pretty senstive about my rounded mid-section. Fitted through the bust, then flowy, without being too voluminous.

Style Arc Abigail knit top

It really is so easy to sew a V-neckline when theres a centre front seam – the neckline is finished before the front seam is sewn. The pattern also has an attached choker style collar – I have never sewn it that way and wouldn’t feel comfortable with it around my neck, but I’m sure that there would be other people who would like that style.

Style Arc Abigail knit top

From the pattern website: This fashionable top can be made with or without the choker neck band. The swing silhouette makes this top stylish but easy to wear. The neck band is a current fashion trend but if you prefer a “V” neck top just leave out the neck band. Long or short sleeves? It’s your choice on this style. FABRIC SUGGESTION: Knit jersey or baby wool.


Oh, writing this review and reading the pattern description reminds me that I’d like a short-sleeved version for summer!  I’ll put that on my to-sew list!  Now, there is unfortunately a sad tale to tell involving this top.  Every time I have washed it, that body fabric has shrunk a little.  Clearly the softness of the lightweight striped ponte was due to a high viscose content, and it has got shorter and shorter.  Too short for me to feel good in it, sadly.  I have passed it on to someone else who is quite happy with the length.  The moral of the story?  Pre-wash those fabrics!  I generally put everything through the wash as soon as I get it home, but this one must have missed out.  Dammit.

Style Arc Abigail knit top

9 thoughts on “Style Arc Abigail knit top

  1. I’m with you on omitting the choker neckline, what a horrible thought, I’d feel like I was choking – yuk. Shame about the shrinkage, some fabric do that with a vengeance and its quite hard to predict, at least you know its a winner for you and can make it again.

  2. A great pattern and lovely, flattering tops. A pity about the shrinkage. I find that some fabrics need more than one wash before they stop shrinking. I have a 4 or 5 year old RTW cotton pinwale corduroy top that I love and that shrinks a bit more very time I wash it. Very annoying. I find that jeans are the same. Thanks for your reviews; they are very helpful. I admire your enthusiasm for sewing!

  3. Lovely top! I love it when fabric shortage means design improvements, because I think this looks way better with black sleeves than all stripes. Says she who loves anything striped. But boo to shrinking fabric. I too prewash everything, so I’d step right into the same trap – if I have something not prewashed I’d probably not realise it in time.

  4. It’s not you, it’s the rayon. Some are worse than others, most will keep shrinking forever. I never put it in the dryer after the initial round, that helps but it’s not foolproof. Pity as this looked so good on you..

    While I am here, I wanted to thank you for your good advice. I got some ultra light fusible tape and used it to hem some squirelly rayon knit (prewashed 😏) and what a difference!

    1. So glad that the tape worked for you! I never use the dryer for garments (am in Australia, and our habit is line drying our clothes on the hills hoist or using a clothes horse inside in winter) so that helps a little with shrinkage, but even washing will do it for rayon. I’ve just sewn some rayon harem style pants for my teen and have made certain that there is plenty of length in them to allow for shrinkage!

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