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Cashmerette Pembroke dress

I’ve sewn a few Cashmerette patterns now, and they’ve all been pretty successful.

Cashmerette Pembroke dress tied at the back

This is the Pembroke dress.  Cashmerette describe the pattern as follows: Take on your day with the Pembroke Dress & Tunic! This iconic T-shirt dress, in midi or tunic length, is designed for curves with an optional waist tie and modern split hem detail. Choose from three neckline options (scoop, jewel, or turtleneck) and either cuffed or hemmed sleeves. Whether made up in a lightweight ponte or flirty floral jersey, there’s nothing basic about this wardrobe essential!


As you can see, I sewed the dress version with cuffed three-quarter sleeves, and the scoop neck option.  I did also include the waist ties.

Cashmerette Pembroke dress in cotton spandex knit - tied at front

The ties can be done up at the front, as in the pattern illustrations, but I tried them at the back too. I generally avoid any type of waist definition, because all it defines is that I am very straight up and down from the front and have quite a belly.  But I gave it a go.

Cashmerette Pembroke dress in cotton spandex knit - tied at front

The back has my usual short back waist length issues. I REALLY need to start making that alteration as part of standard practice, like I do with grading out through the waist (this dress is the 12 C/D graded to somewhere between 14 and 16 through the waist). Too much extra fabric. You can also see it easily when the ties are at the back – it almost blouses.

Cashmerette Pembroke dress tied at the back

I gave this dress away. It’s unfortunate, because I really love the fabric – it’s a quality European cotton/spandex from Crafty Mamas Fabrics – and  I like the general idea of this dress, but I knew that I just wasn’t going to wear it with those ties. And rather than just remove the ties and/or shorten the dress into a top, I hoped that someone else would wear it as it is and look and feel great in it.

Cashmerette Pembroke dress tied at the back

That’s not to say that I have a problem with the pattern – I’m pretty sure that I’d use the pattern again. But I’d probably size up, do tunic length, leave out the ties, and do a short back waist length alteration.

Cashmerette Pembroke dress in cotton spandex knit - tied at front

5 thoughts on “Cashmerette Pembroke dress

  1. I think it looks really GOOD on you tied at the front. But I’m a shorty too and I wonder if shortening it 1.5 inches above the imaginary waist (maybe around 3” above the waist?) and then possibly also shortening it at the high hip by about an 0.5 -1 inch – would that work?
    And a very small rounded shoulder adjustment might also make it sit differently.
    At least for the rest of us I find it’s 1. Very Inspiring to see what you make and 2. Gives me ideas on changes to make it fit better.

  2. I think it looks quite lovely on you, but the point is how we feel, isn’t it? If it doesn’t feel right, it’s not right – no matter how much others might think it looks good. Sometimes what we make end up being rather exclusive muslins, good choice giving it to someone else. 🧡

  3. I agree with Naughtybun; I think it looks lovely on you. But It is about feeling good in our clothes. Someone will love it. You might want to try it again as a dress without the ties. The slight shaping gives the implication of a waist and camouflages the belly. The slit gives it that “zing” I associate with your clothing. The quality and care is amazing!

  4. I thought the front ties looked lovely too, like you I dont like styles that bring that ‘no waist’ to anyones attention. I love seeing your posts, what you make and how they look on you. I think you are amazing for sharing what you make. Please keep it up, so many bloggers dont do it any more, and even though I havent comnented before I look forward to your posts, it gives me and I suspect many others inspiration, and thats what we need. Thank you

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