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Lotus Blossom Blouse in red

And it’s another pattern that you’ve seen before!

Love Notions Lotus Blossom tee

I have one of these in dark blue and another in black (with a gold fleck throughout). This time, it’s red! Although it’s that rich, dark red, not quite maroon or burgundy, but definitely not brick or pillar box.

Love Notions Lotus Blossom tee

The Love Notions Lotus Blossom Blouse is SO easy. One piece for the front, one piece for the back, and cut a strip to finish the back neckline. From the pattern website: Do the twist! This top is simple but packs a fun surprise. The dolman sleeved blouse is a flattering top meant for light weight drapey knits that are the same on front and back. The neckline features a gradual v-neck that is a breeze to sew. The back of the blouse can feature a special fabric such as stretch lace or a really cool scrap of knit you’ve been hoarding for years. The surprise in this blouse is the twist at the front. The shirt-tail hem really makes this top a great choice for just about any pants or skirt style. Available in girl’s sizes 2T-16 as well as ladies XS-XXXL.  Fabric recommendations: Lightweight and drapey knits that are the same on both sides such as cotton/rayon, jersey, modal, activewear, dancewear, jersey/rayon.  Knits that are the same on both sides are usually solids and stripes. If you have a print you’d like to use that is not the same on both side you may piece the front.


I’ll be honest with you, I have no idea what size I sewed.  I would need to pull out the pattern to check, and by now it’s somewhere under a pile of other recently sewn patterns.  I imagine that I sewed a Medium.  Construction was mainly on the sewing machine, with the overlocker used for the side seams.  I finished the hem and sleeve edges with a simple zig-zag.

Love Notions Lotus Blossom tee

The fabric is very soft and drapey, and feels like a rayon spandex. It’s been in stash for a little while (Clare has a tee in it too). This top does need a double-sided fabric, as half of the front shows the reverse side.

Love Notions Lotus Blossom tee

Clearly this pattern works well for me. I haven’t finished with it yet.


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