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Another Athina

Tessuti actually released the free Athina top pattern last December.  I hadn’t seen it around the internet much until the last few months, but it appears to be rapidly gathering steam.  It wasn’t long after making my first that I made a second (and there is a third planned).

Tessuti Athina top in hand-woven cotton from Laos

I think that I bought the fabric in Luang Prabang, but it could have been Chiang Mai. It’s handwoven, with a border along one selvage. There was just enough for me to cut out this top on the cross grain, placing the pattern pieces along the selvage. It’s size Medium, in the shorter length.

Tessuti Athina top in hand-woven cotton from Laos

Actually, I had to modify the pattern slightly to fit the pattern pieces onto the fabric. The extended sleeve section is not as long as designed – there just wasn’t enough fabric for that. So when I cut out the sleeve part, I had to widen the top of it so that it would be the same measurement as the end of the sleeve section on the main body. The sleeves are shorter overall than the pattern because I had to remove length from both the main body part of the sleeve and the actual sleeve. I feel that I’m writing word soup here, but I hope that you know what I mean.

Tessuti Athina top in hand-woven cotton from Laos

I finished the neckline with some bias binding from stash. The hemline is the fabric selvage. The next time that I sew this pattern I’ll do a forward shoulder alteration – just a centimetre or so should make a bit of difference. I’ll also make the full length sleeves as per the pattern, as I like the look of the longer sleeve rolled up. However, I’m very pleased with how this fabric and pattern have worked together.

Tessuti Athina top in hand-woven cotton from Laos

4 thoughts on “Another Athina

  1. That is a good fabric for the pattern. As you noted in your previous review it is a simple pattern but the neckline and general proportions make it a great pattern.

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