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Vogue 8620 jacket

Yes, it’s another Marcy Tilton pattern success!  May I present my version of Vogue 8620.

Vogue 8620 jacket in jacquard stretch woven from Super Cheap Fabrics

This is a jacket that’s been quite a while in the making. I don’t think that the pattern is in print any more – if you want to sew it, track it down fast on eBay or etsy or similar! The oldest review of this pattern on Pattern Review is from 2009, so I figure that’s when it was published.

Vogue 8620 jacket in jacquard stretch woven from Super Cheap Fabrics

I haven’t had the pattern in my stash for quite that long, but it’s still taken me a while to sew it up. I think that I was waiting for the right fabric. This textured stretch woven from Super Cheap Fabrics pretty much sang to me, wanting to become this jacket. And yes, it’s the same fabric that I made Misty jeans from a couple of blog posts ago!

Vogue 8620 jacket in jacquard stretch woven from Super Cheap Fabrics

I don’t really plan to wear these two pieces together, but hey, I suppose that I could! So, back to the jacket. There are lots of pieces in this jacket; it’s not a quick sew. This year I’ve slowed down quite a lot in my sewing anyway, particularly enjoying something that I can take my time on. It’s unlined, and I finished many of the interior seam allowances with bias cut binding.

Vogue 8620 jacket detail

One of the challenges in making this jacket in this fabric was sourcing a matching zip. I really didn’t want to contrast – this colour is dramatic enough without adding extra details like a contrasting zip! Someone put me on to Australian Zipper Industries P/L just a couple of suburbs away. I took in my fabric, told them what type of zip I was after, and the helpful saleswoman found just the right chunky open-ended zipper for me! Although they are wholesalers they were happy to sell me one zip – for only $3. That’s service!

Vogue 8620 jacket detail

I alternated orange and red threads in the overlocker needles and loopers to give a colour that approximated the rust/orange/brown/red fabric. I was able to find a good Gutermann thread match for the construction and topstitching, fortunately.  I’ve taken these photos outside in natural light to try and get the colour as accurate as possible.

Vogue 8620 jacket in jacquard stretch woven from Super Cheap Fabrics

The pattern envelope describes this jacket as follows: Semi-fitted jackets A, B have pockets, underarm gussets and front zipper closure. B: silk-screened embellishments. Package includes Marcy Tilton’s instructions for silk-screening.

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 7.02.19 pm

Size-wise, I think that I sewed size 14.  Marcy Tilton patterns often have generous ease, but I was fortunate to have read plenty of reviews, so knew that this one was actually a bit more fitted.  I didn’t make any alterations to the pattern.  Looking at the pattern cover and line drawings I am probably not meant to have the cuffs turned back quite so much, but they work for me as worn.

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 7.02.47 pm

As I said earlier, I took my time sewing this.  I followed the instructions, thought about them, and generally enjoyed the process.  I’m highly satisfied with the results. This is a garment that feels very much like me.

Vogue 8620 jacket in jacquard stretch woven from Super Cheap Fabrics

18 thoughts on “Vogue 8620 jacket

  1. Gorgeous! The details are expertly done and worth the fussing. I like the combination of the jeans and jacket on you. Your color, very “edgy” combination. I can see it being a good traveling option. Classy without being confining.

  2. This outfit is beautiful. I would kill for this fabric. I loved it in your Misty jeans & now with the jacket WOW what a great pairing. Even the seam binding is gorgeous. You did a wonderful job and it looks great on you!

  3. I like the shape of yours better than the versions pictured on the pattern. Yours is almost a moto jacket look. I’m sure I have this in stash but just never made it up. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. I love this so much. I had the pleasure of seeing the jacket in person on someone and frantically hunted down the pattern which someone graciously gifted to me! I absolutely love the pattern, it is awesome. I used a denim that faded on me over time, and not in a good way :/

    You make me want to remake it!! This orange is brilliant.

  5. Really…. stop with the profiicic finsihed sewing items – I can’t keep up….
    I missed this pattern but you’ve made it come alive and real. Great pairing, even if you don’t wear the two together.

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