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Hot Patterns Metropolitan Chimera Jacket

Oh Hot Patterns, enough with the super long names!  This is technically called the Metropolitan Chimera Cardigan-Jacket-Vest.  What a mouthful.

Hot Patterns Metropolitan Chimera jacket in jacquard stretch woven

From the Hot Patterns website: Finish any simple outfit with these chic pieces,
designed for heavier, stable knits with a little stretch like ponte, sweatshirting, even fleece.

For a statement look try using a non-stretch firm fabric like denim, brocade, beaded or embroidered fabrics, even real or faux suede, faux fur or (p)leather for the center fronts.

Semi-fitted styles have panel seams plus ‘Dior’ darts. Edge-to-edge front has optional hook & eye closure and a slim shawl collar. Try the sleevesless vest, or choose between a long or elbow length sleeve, then select your perfect length, either mid thigh or cropped at the hip. Tie belt, pockets, or faux pocket flaps and contrast collar are optional.

You’ll rock these versatile pieces from Fall through Spring: wear any of them to instantly elevate a simple blouse & skirt outfit, a low-key shift-dress, or a T-shirt & jeans combo.


There are a few Hot Patterns in my stash nowadays, and I’ve sewn up a few of them with varying degrees of success.  I really like that they are current designs (many are potentially ahead of their time) but I often have trouble when I go to sew them up.  I’ve had issues with printing them in the past, sometimes the pattern pieces don’t line up properly (that was the case for a couple of pieces in this pattern) and there are often insufficient markings.  And as much as I love a line drawing, I’d really like to see some completed garments as well as illustrations.  Hot Patterns have what appears to be a HUGE number of fans over on their facebook page, and they definitely produce a very inclusive size range, but after sewing this jacket I reckon I won’t be buying any more of their patterns for a while (I never say never).  It just wasn’t an enjoyable sew.

Hot Patterns Metropolitan Chimera jacket in jacquard stretch woven

I chose to sew the shorter, long-sleeved version of the jacket, and didn’t include pockets or pocket flaps. The fabric I used is a jacquard stretch woven that is actually SUPER stretchy. I have previously sewn a skirt and a pair of pants from the same fabric, and now have used it all up. Most of the construction was fairly straight forward, until it came to the sleeves.

Hot Patterns Metropolitan Chimera jacket in jacquard stretch woven

The sleeves are two pieces, which is a lovely piece of drafting but there just weren’t enough pattern notches and markings for me to be certain that I’d put the two pieces together properly – let alone to indicate whether I’d inserted them properly in the armhole! I need those markings! I can cope pretty well with sketchy instructions, but it’s imperative to me that the pattern pieces are well drafted and well marked and fit together perfectly. I really didn’t feel confident that this jacket was going to do that at all.

Hot Patterns Metropolitan Chimera jacket in jacquard stretch woven

By the time I finished it, I was actually rather shocked to find that I quite liked it. I topstitched around the collar and hems, and stitched the facings in the ditch along all seams in order to keep everything sitting okay. I was really prepared for this to be an absolute fail. It’s definitely much more neutral than my usual clothing palette, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing!  But as I said – I’m taking a break from Hot Patterns.

Hot Patterns Metropolitan Chimera jacket in jacquard stretch woven

Worn with True Bias Sutton blouse in silk, and Style Arc Sage pants in bengaline.  Shoes from Django & Juliette, and glasses from Dresden.


9 thoughts on “Hot Patterns Metropolitan Chimera Jacket

  1. Your jacket has turned out verey nicely, but I’ve tried two Hot Patterns now and suffice to say I won’t be sewing any more!
    The Style Arc ‘Fiona’ is quite similar, and I have sewn that very successfully in a ponte knit.

  2. It looks fantastic! I think the collar and the two piece sleeves really elevate it!
    I have a few “Hot Patterns” In stash too … that’s frustrating & a bit off-putting about no notches etc.

  3. I’m wearing a brocade version of the same pattern that I made for Thanksgiving, and I completely agree about the lack of markings. It’s a good thing I’m an experienced sewer or I would have tossed the whole thing in the garbage. The directions for the collar were really bad as well. As you said,I like the styles but I think I’ve had enough of figuring out the puzzle of the pattern and the sizes.

  4. I’ve had mixed results – I’m part-way through making the Cocoon dress. I love the look, but the neck facing doesn’t match the neck AT ALL, and the lower panel is supposed to fit the front AND the back, despite the fact that they are different widths (due to the seam down the back). I can fix all these things, but they aren’t cheap patterns.

    I’ve dubbed Hot Patterns ‘drafting in a hurry’. I buy patterns to save the time I’d take to draft/test it; and with Hot Patterns, I have to spend ages fixing the pattern that I shouldn’t have to.

    Also, have you ever contacted them? Rude, IF they bother to answer.

  5. Glad you got the jacket to work. It looks good and could well prove useful as a plainer piece in your wardrobe.
    I have a few Hot Patterns patterns (though not this one), but find I have to do a lot of work to get them to fit me/work which I don’t with Burda, New Look, Style Arc or Wendy Ward’s patterns, so it has to be really worth the battle if you know what I mean.

  6. I have a love/hate relationship with Hot Patterns! I have a few TNTs from them that I love and make again and again. And then I have others that had such terrible drafting issues that I’m 99% sure they were never sewn into a test garment before selling the pattern. Really, $15+ a pattern is too much for the quality. But then I see something trendy and buy it against my better judgement…

    Also, I agree with the other comment that the customer service is TERRIBLE.

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