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Style Arc Tully pants

While I was giving new styles a try, I sewed up a pair of Style Arc Tully pants from some lovely light brown/beige linen that was in stash.

Style Arc Tully pants in linen

From the Style Arc website: This pleat-front “paper bag” waist pant features a slim 7/8th length leg with a separate hem panel. The elastic waist finishes at the side front allowing the centre front to remain flat. The ties are attached into the front pleat. We made our sample with directional stripes. Use your unique style to create your own look. FABRIC SUGGESTION: Linen, crepe, silk or fine wool.


These were a pleasure to sew.  I cut and sewed size 12, and remembered to shorten the main leg pattern piece before cutting out.  I wanted these to be 7/8 length as drafted, not full length on short me!  All the pieces fitted together beautifully.  The front ties are sewn into the front tucks, which is a rather nice piece of design.  Anyway, you want to see them on me, don’t you?

Style Arc Tully pant in linen

As my kids would say, yeah nah. And to be honest, I knew before I started that these just wouldn’t work well for my shape. But every now and then I am a little self-delusional.

Style Arc Tully pant in linen

I’ll show you a few photos so that you know that they pretty much fit me and so that you can see some of the details. But they are NOT a look that I like on me.

Style Arc Tully pant in linen

The tee is the SBCC Tonic Tee, a free pattern for short people that I’ve blogged about before. I sewed it in a nice quality knit from Clear It, possibly in size large. And for those of you who were wondering if the pants would look better with the tee out instead of tucked in….

SBCC Tonic Tee in knit from Clear It

Once again, yeah nah. And in case you were wondering – yes, I’ve tried styling the pants quite a few different ways, with looser tops, with the ‘half tuck’, with a loose top tucked in.  Yeah nah.

Both the pants – which I LOVE when I just hold them up and look at them – and the tee – quality fabric, well made – are now in the spare wardrobe. I wonder which of my family/friends will take a shine to them?

Style Arc Tully pant in linen

14 thoughts on “Style Arc Tully pants

  1. Not all trends should be entertained. The pants look way too bulky in your mid area, maybe not a place to draw attention to. If like me, you don’t have a defined waist, then these are a no go.

  2. love your shoes….
    actually I quite like the trousers but thought a more loose fit might be more the look you were hoping for, perhaps? As an artist, I’m also speculating how the scaling of details can effect how we perceive the overall proportions of an object….heh, that sounds pompous!…put simply I think if the ties were a bit narrower and situated much closer together across your belly the overall effect would be less emphasizing of the midriff….

    1. I agree, I believe if they were a size larger they would work. There needs to be more volume in the hip area, almost fitting like “carrot” pants. So more like a paper bag clinched around a slim neck bottle than slim fitting from top to bottom.

  3. Thanks for this post even though you’re not happy with them. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who tries out patterns that I kinda know aren’t going to be great on me, but I want to sew them anyway. You never know!

  4. I liked the style of these but knew I had to pass. I love paperbag waist styles. I am short-waisted with a less-than-defined waist. They don’t work for me. In general, high waist styles don’t work on me. I love the trench skirt I’m making, the high waist though is kind of blehhhhh.

    And agree with everyone else that your tee is fantastic 🙂

  5. This style of pant is everywhere, but they are not for me! I do try things that I imagine will work, but I have learned cut-on cowl necklines do me no favors and even curvy sheath dresses look horrible. I have to take the curve out of everything. You look great in most all your clothes, though, and I look to you for inspiration😍

  6. We quite often pick the same Style Arc patterns, so I was interested to see how you went with those pants. I loved the pattern but knew they were not for me. (Having brought some RTW that are very similar. Worn once all summer!) I can’t think of a fix… maybe taking away the paper bag finish at the waist and just going with an elastic waist. Anyway sorry I am not of much help Sue

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