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Freya the second – but did I blog the first?

This is a wonderful winter casual top.  I first sewed it in brushed merino french terry from The Fabric Store.  This time I used french terry again, but I’m not sure of the fibre composition.

Style Arc Freya tunic in french terry from Clear It

The striped fabric is from Clear It – plenty of Melbourne sewers are wearing garments made from either the green, pink, or orange colourway. Maybe there was a blue colourway too! It’s smooth on one side, with loops on the other. Possibly a cotton, maybe with something else mixed in too. You can see the colour better in this photo.

Style Arc Freya tunic in french terry from Clear It

Yes, the stripes really are rather vibrant! The fabric in the centre is stretch corduroy – I’ve recently sewn it into a pair of pants. The denim on the left is possibly destined to become some sort of coat or jacket – I’m not actually certain. I have done quite well at limiting my fabric purchases this year, generally only buying fabric for specific projects. The denim is an exception – it’s entered general stash, but it’s a fabric that I admired over a couple of visits to Clear It, and it was on sale last time I was there. So I bought it! I’ve been avoiding fabric stores, as that’s the best way for me to not buy more fabric (duh) but Clear It also sell Dangerfield, Revival and Princess Highway clothes, all of which appeal to my fifteen year old and the smallest size fits her. She’s got some adorable jumpers and cardis from Clear It – I am enjoying wearing them vicariously through her. But I digress.

Style Arc Freya tunic in french terry from Clear It

I sewed size 12, and don’t recall making any alterations. Maybe sleeve length, I really can’t quite remember! I topstitched either side of the centre front and angled side front seams, and twin needled the hems. Otherwise construction was on the overlocker. From the Style Arc website: Modern styled, comfortable and chic, this cowl neck tunic with its angled design line and tucked sleeve opening is a great addition to your wardrobe.FABRIC SUGGESTION: Knit, baby wool, light ponte, jersey or any sweater knit.


Both versions of Freya are on high rotation this winter.  They’re great with stretchy pants, a singlet underneath for warmth, then a jacket over the top when I go outside.  Definite winners.

Style Arc Freya tunic in french terry from Clear It

While writing this blog post I eventually realised that I haven’t blogged the first version of this tunic!  I sewed it at Sewjourn in May.  I’ve managed to find a photo thanks to Instagram.

Style Arc Freya in green merino

I have a feeling that this tunic pattern will get many outings over the coming years.  I especially like the sleeve treatment, with the tuck near the hem.  Sleeve interest that isn’t over the top – marvellous!


4 thoughts on “Freya the second – but did I blog the first?

  1. I love that pattern, now. Living on the opposite side of the globe and having the new “normal” summer weather of hotter and more humid weather, it’s been hard to even look at fall/winter clothing patterns at all. Your Freya renditions are fab!! And I love your fabrics, too. Well done.

  2. That top is super flattering on you. Maybe because the sleeves aren’t very dropped making it a closer fit through the top part? I might be ordering this one based on how fab it looks on you!,

  3. I keep on looking at this pattern unsure what fabric I would use for it. I think you have just convinced me to get it (OK, maybe for next winter, I am over winter this year haha). Love it in stripe! I too am not being very careful with my pattern and fabric purchases and only buy if I really need to for a specific project.

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