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Sea Change – the layering version

I tested the Lily Sage & Co Sea Change top a couple of years ago (yes, time does fly) and ever since have been intending to sew it up again.  I always thought that it would work well as a layering piece for winter over a long sleeved tee.

Lily Sage Sea Change top in mystery knit

I had some knit fabric in stash (originally from the Darn Cheap Fabrics $2 table, I suspect) that had a fairly open weave that I thought would match well with this pattern. The edges are all finished with bands, and the whole thing is constructed on the overlocker. Ticks all the boxes for working with open weave knits!

Lily Sage Sea Change top in mystery knit

As you can see, this is a very relaxed style of top. The front and back pattern pieces are slightly different in width and neckline, which definitely makes it sit better on the body. I sewed size Medium, I think. Could have been a Large. Oh well. It’s loose and roomy either way!

Lily Sage Sea Change top in mystery knit

My biggest issue with this top is one of user error. I cut the neckband according to the original pattern piece, but it wouldn’t stretch enough in this fabric to fit the neckline nicely. So I re-cut a longer neckband piece. Now it’s really too large and the neckline is too wide. And I have a feeling that I don’t even have scraps of this fabric left to do it a third time. I might stitch some elastic into it to draw it in a little.

Lily Sage Sea Change top in mystery knit

From the pattern website: The Sea Change top is loosely fitted, with wide kimono sleeves. The hem is designed to fall just below the natural waist for a modest, cropped look that will both complement and showcase high waist pants and skirts.  The top length can easily be lengthened through the top. The armbands and bottom hem band can also be altered in length for different looks.  Recommended fabrics: Light to medium weight, drapey fabrics will be the most flattering choices for this top. Options include knit fabrics like jersey. Cotton, viscose, and rayon are good options. Woven fabrics like silk satin, silk crepe de chine, and habutai will also suit this pattern. Extra fabric may be needed to match plaids, stripes or directional prints.

Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at 8.34.59 am

I think that I’ll sew this pattern up again in a different fabric – it’s not as though there isn’t plenty in stash!  Because the style is straightforward and non fitted, fabric selection makes a big difference. And this afternoon I’ll be addressing the loose neckline of this version.

Lily Sage Sea Change top in mystery knit


4 thoughts on “Sea Change – the layering version

  1. I’ve had my eye on this a r another of her patterns for years. For some reason I see this one in a sheet chiffon….maybe without the bottom band….to wear over sleeveless/tank tops/dresses. I do love your version. I might change the neckline-how about a cowl neck for a winter layer?

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