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Laura has a Tonic with Parker

A couple of old patterns with a newer one! I’ve mentioned before that I like to sew entire outfits, where possible. Less wardrobe orphans that way!

Style Arc Laura cardigan, Parker ponte pants, and SBCC Tonic 2 Tee

So, let’s start at the bottom – which is the newest of these patterns. The pants are the Style Arc Parker Ponte Pant. They actually sold these in a bundle with a top and coat pattern. I purchased the whole bundle, but haven’t sewn up the top or coat yet.

Style Arc Parker ponte pant

From the Style Arc website: You will love the simplicity of this new ponte pant shape. This style features an elastic waist and a straight cuffed leg which sits on the ankle. Trendy, comfortable and an easy sew.


This pattern is designed for ponte, and that’s what I used. This is a beautiful quality navy ponte that came to me from a generous friend. Ponte is one of those fabric that varies wildly in quality. In general I try to buy ponte that doesn’t contain polyester. I find that poly ponte pills extremely quickly and just doesn’t wear well. This ponte is divine – I’m not sure of the fibre composition, but it’s beautiful to sew, wear and washes well too!

Style Arc Parker ponte pant

I generally sew size 10 in Style Arc pants, but since I got larger I am experimenting with sewing size 12 pants instead. These are size 12, with the legs shortened about an inch and half by taking a fold out. I think that this pattern had a handy lengthen/shorten line on it. Otherwise I sewed them without alteration, mostly on the overlocker. Only the angled upper front detail needed the sewing machine.

Style Arc Parker ponte pant

The waistband is nice and wide, with wide elastic inside it. These pants are super comfortable to wear. I’ve decided to try sewing another pair in stretch corduroy – we’ll see how that goes!

Style Arc Parker ponte pants and SBCC Tonic 2 Tee

So, to the striped tee. The pattern for this one is the SBCC Tonic Two. I think – but am not certain – that I cut the neckline a bit lower, using another pattern as a guide. I’m very pleased with the finished depth for a long sleeved tee – not too high, not too low.

SBCC Tonic 2 Tee in soft knit from Super Cheap Fabrics

This fabric is absolutely scrumptious to wear. It’s a viscose/spandex knit that I picked up at Super Cheap Fabrics. It’s incredibly soft next to the skin. I did make sure to match the stripes when cutting and sewing – a pin in each stripe, then straight to the overlocker. Just don’t forget to pull those pins out before the fabric gets to the blade!

Style Arc Parker ponte pants and SBCC Tonic 2 Tee

My young photographers don’t always tell me when my clothes are caught up on my bum. Size wise, I think that I blended between sizes with this one, cutting the shoulders a size smaller than the bust and removing the waist shaping. The Tonic 2 tee is a free pattern by the way, as is the sister pattern Tonic that has short sleeves and a lower neckline. From the website: The Tonic 2 T-shirt is your new go to layering piece. If you loved the Tonic Tshirt, this is the next step up. The Tonic 2 has the same great fit but with updated details. This is a perfect transitional piece for your wardrobe in between seasons as you layer it or wear it alone. The Tonic 2 features a long, slim sleeve, and a crew neckline. Also, the body length is hip level for petites, but the good news is this will also work for regular height gals as well. Make the Tonic 2 out of any two way stretch jersey in solid or that fancy print you have been saving.


SBCC patterns are designed for short people, so I really should pull this pattern out more often! The armhole depth on this tee works really nicely for me. The patterns also cover a significant size range.

Style Arc Laura cardigan

So last, but definitely not least, we come to the Style Arc Laura knit cardi. This pattern is one of the first Style Arc patterns that I ever bought and sewed. From the website: This simple shawl collar cardi is suitable for a knit drapable fabric. FABRIC SUGGESTION & DESCRIPTION Any knit fabric with plenty of stretch.


The fabric that I used is fairly open and loosely knitted. Definitely a fabric that benefitted from the overlocker! What is missing from the line drawing is the centre back seam in the ‘hood’. From experience I know to sew that seam WRONG sides together – as when the cardi is worn the inside of the ‘hood’/collar is exposed. So that’s what I did – sewed it wrong sides together on the overlocker, then pressed it gently to one side and stitched it down on the machine, a bit like a flat felled seam. The rest of the construction was on the overlocker. This is a very quick cardi to sew.

Style Arc Laura cardigan

The instructions suggest that the edges are finished with a rolled edge on the overlocker. I decided to turn a 1cm hem over twice and secure it with a zig-zag stitch on the sewing machine instead, which gave me a really neat edge that also added a nice amount of weight to the bottom of the cardi. I made sure that the zig-zag was right along the fold, especially important as this fabric is pretty sheer.

Style Arc Laura cardigan, Parker ponte pants, and SBCC Tonic 2 Tee

This isn’t a warm winter cardi, but one that will provide that little bit extra when needed throughout much of the year. I find that the Laura cardi is a great pattern for knits that are a bit more difficult to handle – there are minimal seams, and because the edge finishing is simple – no bands etc – it’s not hard to get an effective result.


10 thoughts on “Laura has a Tonic with Parker

  1. Always look forward to your makes and posts. These items look great on you. I have just finished the Parker Coat and highly recommend the pattern, it is a quick and enjoyable sew. Looking forward to seeing your take on this pattern too.

  2. Hi Lara, I wonder if you would have chance at some point to say what your favourite StyleArc patterns are and why. I am a different body shape to you and much bigger so maybe different patterns would work. I am concious of my tummy but also have a larger derriere! Cheers Ruthie from

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