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New Look 6343 – the Goldilocks top

Still on my scrap-busting mission, I paired a quilted knit with an interesting surface printed one to create a top based on New Look 6343.

The evolution of New Look 6343 in remnants

I used the quilted knit for the body, and the lighter weight printed jersey for the sleeves and neckband. The neckband is a strip of selvage. I got the idea from a Tilton sisters Craftsy class I’d done a little while ago. It utilises the natural roll along the selvage. I really like it (even though it would have been better with the neckband seam located somewhere else.

The evolution of New Look 6343 in remnants

This pattern has an interestingly shaped armscye. It’s New Look 6343, also known as ‘Misses knit tunic in two lengths, and top’. I can’t find it on the Simplicity site to link to it, but here it is on Pattern Review.  I wonder if it’s recently gone out of print?



Essentially I sewed view D with view B sleeve length and cuffs.  The cuffs were sewn from the quilted knit, the same as the body.  My top was slightly longer than view D, as I know that cropped isn’t my favourite length, but my remnant was quite small and really dictated how long I could make it.  Anyway, when I tried it on, it was obvious that it was TOO SHORT.  The top ended right in the centre of my belly’s greatest convex curve.  Not a look that I felt comfortable with.  So I ferreted through the remaining scraps of the sleeve/neckband knit, and added a panel to the front and the back of the top to alter it to tunic length.

The evolution of New Look 6343 in remnants

Although that was much better in terms of tummy coverage, when I tried it on it was apparent that the top was now TOO LONG. The proportions of different fabrics just weren’t pleasing! So after more thought – trying to decide whether to ditch it completely or to keep on tweaking – I cut the length of the bottom panels in half, following the shaping of the main body hemlines. And what do you know – now it was pretty much JUST RIGHT!

New Look 6343 in remnants

I am not actually much of a pattern alterer (is that a word?) – I tend to sew something up, and either wear it as is or give it away if it doesn’t work. This was a really good reminder that it doesn’t take long to change things a little bit and end up with a vastly improved end product.

New Look 6343 in remnants

The overall fit is quite pleasing, but I have my usual short-back-waist length issues at centre back (as usual, exacerbated by my waist measurement being mostly located on the front half of my body). And grey. Grey is not my best colour. However, I love the texture of the body and cuffs and the splodgy pattern on the sleeves and lower panel!

New Look 6343 in remnants

Sewing notes – I think that this was size 14. As always, what others describe (generally in a derogatory tone) as ‘shapeless’ and ‘boxy’ is actually a great shape for my figure type that doesn’t include a defined waist as it has good shoulder and upper chest fit. Most construction was on the overlocker, although I used the sewing machine a fair bit as well. I think that this is a good pattern to have in your pattern library – those armscyes are really very nice and elevate the usual knit top/tunic pattern a little bit above the norm.


12 thoughts on “New Look 6343 – the Goldilocks top

  1. I do like the t shirt you have made. Interstingly it showed as golden brown on my tablet until i got to the photo of you weasring it and that is just my colour. You have d one a lovely job working with the two fabrics and the result is very smart. Ill be lookjjng for that pattern.

  2. this top is a real winner- you look great. Like Lois I thought the top was shades of brown and then I see its blue/grey – both shades look great!

  3. A wonderful top and great tweaking outcome. Love the colours, textures and neckline finish. Very smart. I will use that. Yours looks especially good.

  4. It is funny what you read into blog comments. Where you see boxy as derogatory I see it as something to be desired. I see a lot of boxy cut items both in rtw at the moment and also in patterns. Unfortunately for me, boxy doesn’t work at all. It tends to make me look bigger than I am. So it is always my challenge to find tops with a waist.

    I really like your new top. The two fabrics work very well together. The addition of the overlay panel at the bottom looks to be a happy accident. I tend to find my scrap project end up being my favourites.

  5. I really like it. the armhole shape is interesting and it lends itself well to using multiple fabrics as you did. I find New Look patterns have a nice fit in the shoulders and neckline.

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