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Vogue 8499 skirt

Vogue 8499 is another Marcy Tilton pattern.  This one has been in the catalogue for quite some time, and it’s actually been in my stash for quite a while too.  During one of last year’s Sewjourn visits there were a couple of people sewing skirts and pants from the pattern, which prompted me to finally have a go at it myself.

Vogue 8499 skirt in stretch bengaline

I started with the skirt. The fabric is a very stretchy jacquard woven (like bengaline) – I had plenty in stash, and you’ll be seeing more of it soon as I also have a pair of pants and a jacket cut out! I sewed size 12, and shortened the skirt about an inch and a half at the shorten/lengthen line.

Vogue 8499 skirt in stretch bengaline

From the pattern website: Very loose-fitting through hipline skirt with elasticized waist casing, back zipper closing, side-front deep pockets with zipper closing, above ankle length. Pull-up pants, above-ankle length, have side-front pockets and topstitch trim.


Tilton skirt

I decided that I didn’t need to include the back zip, so sewed the centre back seam up entirely.  Elastic was threaded through the casing at the waistline.  I was pretty confident that my comparatively small hips and the stretch of the fabric would mean that the zip would be redundant.  I’ve heard from others with a greater hip to waist ratio than mine that skipping the zip is NOT a good idea for them!

Vogue 8499 skirt in stretch bengaline

I also didn’t include the zips at the top of the pockets, mostly because I didn’t have any that were the right length or colour. This is actually not an easy colour to match, either with zips and thread or with other clothes. It looks like a neutral, but doesn’t seem to tone all that well with most of my wardrobe. The top I am wearing with it in these photos is the Style Arc Ethel top.

Vogue 8499 skirt in stretch bengaline

As with all Marcy Tilton patterns, pay attention to the markings and read the instructions carefully. The way that the pockets attach is rather interesting!
Speaking of pockets, these capacious pockets do go a long way down, almost to the hemline. Which caused a little hilarity when I posted a short video on Instagram that included the following…

Vogue 8499 skirt

Vogue 8499 skirt

Vogue 8499 skirt


11 thoughts on “Vogue 8499 skirt

  1. Lol these extra deep pockets are a very odd trend aren’t they? I have monkey arms but have to bend to get to the bottom of some that I’ve made- not very practical for keys etc! I’m planning to edit the pockets on the Style Arc Daisy trousers [if I ever manage to adjust the fit] by sewing across halfway down…keep the style, improve the functionality lol

  2. I made the pants from this pattern last spring (out of a nice light weight navy linen) and got a lot of use out of them, but my notes on the pattern envelop indicate that I thought the pockets and waist treatment were fussy and annoying….if I try another pair the “carefully read the directions” step will probably help. And yes, while the pants pockets are maybe less deep (?) they aren’t practical for my hanky/phone/keys purposes.


  3. I’ve made the pants version of this pattern several times, maybe a dozen or so. I love them. I’m not much of a skirt/dress person, but perhaps I ought to give it a go one of these days. I love your wine pockets!

  4. What a great use for those pockets! I just finished making that pattern recently too and I put small functional pockets underneath the pocket openings which I closed with buttons instead of zips. It’s a fun skirt!

  5. Wine Pockets! What a great idea! I bet you could go the grocery store and save the environment from the plastic bags by putting your purchases in those pockets! Seriously, it looks like a fun skirt to wear.

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