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Simplicity 8058 jacket

Some patterns sit in the catalogues for years.  Others vanish fairly quickly.  Simplicity 8058 is a Cynthia Rowley pattern that came out in early 2016 – but I can’t find it in the current online catalogue!  You’ll have to make do with my version.

Simplicity 8058 jacket in stretch denim from Darn Cheap Fabrics

This is one of those garments that made me smile during pretty much every stage of the making process. I cut and sewed size 12, and shortened the jacket through the body at the shorten/lengthen line around three centimetres, and the sleeves around a centimetre. I always dither about shortening sleeves. Sleeve length really varies between patterns – sometimes I need to shorten them, sometimes I don’t. It paid off with this one though.

Simplicity 8058 jacket in stretch denim from Darn Cheap Fabrics

I bought the fabric – a jacquard stretch denim – from Darn Cheap Fabrics a year or two ago. It was lovely to work with, and the resulting garment is very comfortable to wear. Actually, these photos were taken after a full day of wear and sitting in meetings – I think that it’s held up pretty well.

Simplicity 8058 jacket in stretch denim from Darn Cheap Fabrics

As the jacket is unlined, I decided to finish some of the facing edges with bias binding. I had some leftovers in my stash (I rather like making my own bias binding, and often make more than I need for the project at hand. It’s nice to then build up the stash in the drawer – and this is when it comes in handy). I used printed linen bias to finish the centre back seam allowances, and orange silk along the facing edges instead of simply overlocking them.

Simplicity 8058 jacket details

The pattern is designed for fabrics such as scuba or ponte, but has also worked well in this stretch denim. It also includes a skirt and pants pattern. When I bought the pattern I thought that maybe my daughters would eventually be interested in the skirt or pants – but for me this purchase was always about the jacket.

Simplicity 8058 jacket details


The collar really does sit beautifully.  The right lapel is larger than the left, and the left has some really nice seaming.  I also topstitched around the outer edge of the jacket.  I hand-sewed the neck seam of the outer to the neck seam of the facing with teensy stab stitches to keep it all nicely in place and to keep the collar standing up well.  I used good quality Freudenberg interfacing on the collar and facing pieces.  Good interfacing is so important!

Simplicity 8058 jacket in stretch denim from Darn Cheap Fabrics

I actually think that this jacket would benefit from some teensy shoulder pads. After living through the 80s and early 90s – where I would often discover that I was wearing a shoulder pad in my coat on top of a shoulder pad in my jacket on top of a shoulder pad in my blouse – it’s sometimes hard for me to remember the benefits of a shoulder pad. A small one really does provide support and give a nice line to the shoulders of a jacket. I might sew in some loop tape and try it on with some of the shoulder pads (that already have hook tape attached) that I still have in the back of my drawer.

Simplicity 8058 jacket in stretch denim from Darn Cheap Fabrics

I found the single button in my ‘single button jar’ – don’t you all have one of those? – and it’s just right for this fabric. There is a bound buttonhole on the other jacket front. I didn’t sew the button in the designated place (it wouldn’t have done up on me if I’d put it there) but tried it on and worked out where it would look best. I’m not likely to actually do this jacket up anyway.

Simplicity 8058 jacket in stretch denim from Darn Cheap Fabrics

Given that the Simplicity website currently only shows ten Cynthia Rowley patterns, I’d say that if you see one you like, buy it, as you never know when it will go out of print! I also wonder what effect the ‘Big Four’ pattern companies all now really being the Big One (in terms of company ownership) will have on the availability and accessibility of printed patterns. There is actually quite a lot going on in the world of home sewing.

Simplicity 8058 jacket in stretch denim from Darn Cheap Fabrics


11 thoughts on “Simplicity 8058 jacket

  1. Thanks for this review. I’ve made the skirt from this pattern and I wanted to make the jacket, but I worried the asymmetrical design would not work for me. It looks great on you.

  2. I am enjoying your blog and in particular your reviews on the style arc patterns. I been indulging in purchases some of late and often they have your creation link, which I love to read your review and what you thought.. just lately, I seem to have to scroll through all your posts which is fine but I read them already lol is there a index I can look up the name/number or subsection tops.. I back to your reference being interviewed by the whalley lady and realised it was 2.00am.. so logged off but tonight I will be back onto to find see it.. Can I say I love, love your colour selection.. Living in Darwin we do not many fabric stores I have been checking out where you reference stores but so far nothing takes my fancy.. be thinking, you already raided their stock😎😲

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and creations…

    Kerry from Darwin x

    1. Hi there Kerry! Thanks for your lovely message. There is a ‘search’ box on the right hand side of my blog that you can use to look up specific things. Give that a try and see if it helps you!

  3. Love this. Another very “you’ garment. BTW, I also have somewhere some velcro attached shoulder pads! Back in the day a stylist told me I had to wear shoulder pads all the time because of my sloping shoulders. Even wore them in tshirts…lol.

  4. Love this jacket, the fabric is awesome. Blue denim tigress. 😁 And for sme reson I actually do not have a single button jar. They’re all lumped in together, in several jars. Might be time to sorth through them all…

  5. I agree that a shoulder pad would work wonders, especially given that the jacket is designed with slightly dropped shoulder seams. To me, “slightly dropped shoulder seams” can look like I made the seams too long by mistake without that extra support. I really prefer either regular shoulder length or obviously dropped shoulders. Your opinion? I just love that jacket on you, and the styling with the yellow top and sandals is so happy! Love the fabric.

  6. This is a great jacket! So much better than the cover version! I thought about purchasing that pattern multiple times- I hope that I’m not too late! I will definitely check the pattern drawers for it next time I’m at the fabric store. Great job!

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