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Eva in orange

I’ve sewn up the Tessuti Eva dress a few times now.  Mostly I sew the sleeveless version, but I felt it was time for another with short sleeves.

Tessuti Eva dress in hand woven silk from Chiang Mai

I find this an extremely easy style to wear. It’s also rather straightforward to sew, especially when sewing the short sleeved version and eliminating the side seam pockets.

Tessuti Eva dress in hand woven silk from Chiang Mai

From the Tessuti website:  This loose dress features a bodice that sits at high waist and a panelled, lantern-shaped skirt with side pockets. It can be made up in either a short-sleeved (A) or sleeveless (B) version. The Eva Dress is designed to be simple and stylish garment and makes for a comfortable and cool addition to your summer wardrobe. It’s best made up in medium weight crinkle and plain linens, textured cottons and cotton blends. For layering in the cooler months, Eva can also be made up in a wool crepe.

Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 12.38.16 pm

This pattern is one of Tessuti’s earlier patterns, and has recently been redrafted and re-released, including in a larger size range (up to size 22).  My pattern is the original, and I think that I sewed this in size Medium (roughly an Australian size 12).  My measurements are closer to the Large.

Tessuti Eva dress in hand woven silk from Chiang Mai

The fabric is hand-woven silk that I bought in Chiang Mai. I turned the neckline binding to the outside for added interest, and did the same to finish the sleeve hems and the skirt hemline. The hemline is quite curved, so bias works well there.

Tessuti Eva dress in hand woven silk from Chiang Mai

I chose to sew this dress on the sewing machine then finish all the seams together on the overlocker. I thought that this would be the strongest finish for this fabric, which looks as though it could have a tendency to shred a little under stress. That’s one of the reasons why I left out the pockets – I didn’t want to risk heavy objects pulling down against the seams.

Tessuti Eva dress in hand woven silk from Chiang Mai

I’m very pleased with this dress and know that I am likely to get years of wear from it. The colour is quite iridescent in the sunlight, which isn’t really picked up in these photos. I feel great in it, it’s comfortable, and it holds great memories. What more could you want!

Tessuti Eva dress in hand woven silk from Chiang Mai

21 thoughts on “Eva in orange

  1. Hi. What a fabulous colour on you. Your coloring really suits vibrant colours and the style looks great. I am keen to know why you sewed a medium when your measurements are closer to a large ? The fit seems perfect. Best Sue

  2. That looks wonderful on you! The color is so perfect! I’m glad to know that Tessuti is increasing their size range–like you, I choose the size by the actual size of the completed garment, and I wasn’t sure I could get enough “breathing space” in some of theirs.

  3. The fabric is just gorgeous. It seems like the perfect pattern for the fabric too, very simple and shows off the beauty of the fabric… it must be amazing to wear on hot summer days!

  4. Looks great Lara perfect colour for you and lovely fabric, I have made this several times too, I leave the pockets out and am yet to make it in the fabric I like, will try again, I think for me Linen??? Enjoy your dress and I agree one you will have for many years, for you Large??? I think would be too big, Lyn

  5. This looks great!
    Re sizes. Some people say that the bust measurement the big four give is actually the high bust measurement. That’s partly why the sizes run so big!
    I see there’s no darts. I wonder if it would need an FBA for a larger busted person?

  6. Beautiful work, as usual! I love the colour! I have this pattern also and I’m wondering if you shortened it; if so, did you take some out of each section, or…? Thanks!

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