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Style Arc Maude tunic

The Style Arc Maude tunic pattern as a freebie some months ago.  It’s probably not a pattern that I would have bought.  I generally don’t sew or wear collared shirts much.  But as it turns out I really like this one!

Style Arc Maude tunic in synthetic something

The fabric came from the ‘donations’ bin at Sewjourn. There’s a big cardboard box there that has evolved into a collection of fabric that people are willing to share with others. It really comes in handy – quite often it will have the perfect scrap to cut out a facing or pockets or similar when you’ve forgotten to do it before leaving home. And other times it contains full lengths of fabric that someone else no longer wants. That’s where this came from, thank you to the donor!

Style Arc Maude tunic in synthetic something

I love the print, but as you can see the fabric is clearly very synthetic and has developed static and is sticking to me quite a bit. It was a good choice in terms of print and drape, but was also difficult to cut exactly on grain. That centre back seam is twisting a bit – it’s on the bias, but doesn’t look to be correctly on the bias.

Style Arc Maude tunic in synthetic something

There are actually only three pattern pieces for this tunic. The front and back are cut in one without shoulder seams, just that centre back seam. There is a collar stand and collar piece, and that’s it. The centre fronts have self faced button bands, and there is stitching to form armholes. From the Style Arc website: For a new season update to your wardrobe you can’t go past this gorgeous tunic. This cleverly drafted pattern has no shoulder seams and the outside top-stitched side seams allow this tunic to flow with ease. FABRIC SUGGESTION Silk, crepe, rayon or any soft woven fabric with drape.


I just realised that the centre back seam is missing from the line drawing!  Depending on fabric width you could cut this top with the back ‘seam’ on the fold, which would eliminate the seam, but then you’d be left with the front facings on the bias.  Turning them neatly would then be super tricky!  I strongly suggest keeping the centre front on the straight grain.

Style Arc Maude tunic in synthetic something

I like this much more than anticipated, and would give it another go in a less staticy (I know, that’s not a word) fabric and pay more attention when cutting. This is size 12, no alterations. I was surprised to get a request for the same style from the teen, so it must be okay!


8 thoughts on “Style Arc Maude tunic

  1. Ive made this twice. I like the waythe bias back gives the shirt some shaping. Rather like a kaftan, i thought. I used silk / cotton whichfalls well and doesn’t cling. I saw one of the Style Arc team wear it in siilk and it was lovely.

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