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Style Arc Besharl tee and Luna pant

I didn’t really sew these two patterns in order to wear them together – but in the end, that’s exactly what I did do! It’s that compulsion to sew things as outfits, I suppose.

Style Arc Besharl tee with Style Arc Luna pants

The top is the Style Arc Besharl tee. From their website: This is a great basic “Tee” with a difference. The extended shoulder line creates the appearance of a short sleeve and the interesting angled front seam replaces the side seam. For the back panel why not use a contrast fabric or lace? FABRIC SUGGESTION Jersey or any knit tee shirt fabric.


As usual, they’re right – this is a great basic tee with a difference.  It’s also very easy to construct, all on the overlocker.  I did, as usual, use my sewing machine and a twin needle to secure the hems and the neckband.

Style Arc Besharl tee in knit from Super Cheap Fabrics

Speaking of the neckband, I should have cut it a bit shorter. It’s a fraction wavy, which means that it needed to be stretched a little more. I always follow this tutorial when determining the length of knit neckbands – I find it much more reliable than using the supplied pattern piece, although the supplied piece is a handy guide for suggested width. Anyway, every fabric responds a little differently. This isn’t wavy enough for me to redo it though! The fabric came from Super Cheap Fabrics – it feels pretty synthetic but is comfortable to wear. Clare wants a tee from the leftovers.

Style Arc Besharl tee in knit from Super Cheap Fabrics

My favourite part is the back, where I ran the stripes vertically along the centre back panel! I think it’s a really fun touch. I sewed a straight size 12 in this tee, without alteration. It’s a relaxed and easy style, and I’ll definitely use this pattern again. So, on to the pants.

Style Arc Luna pants in Style Arc bengaline

These are the Style Arc Luna pants, in Style Arc bengaline (the colour is called Hibiscus – somewhere between coral/red/orange, depending on what I put it beside). From their website: Great stretch pant suitable for our fabulous stretch bengaline. Luna pant has an elastic waist band, faux fly front and the 7/8th leg length has a wide hem with a side leg opening. These pants are simple to sew and ever so comfortable to wear. FABRIC SUGGESTION Bengaline, any stretch woven with approx 5% spandex.


I’m 158cm tall, so knew that if I wanted these to be 7/8 length as designed I would need to make my usual Style Arc pants length alteration, removing around two and a half inches of length in total by taking two folds from the pattern pieces (one above and one below the knee) before cutting.  This worked just fine!

Style Arc Luna pants in Style Arc bengaline

As usual, I sewed a size 10 in the pants, even though my waist is more like a size 16 to 18. Once again the stretch in the bengaline came to my rescue, providing comfy pants that stay up. I did include the seam and fly details, but forgot to get a photo – but you can rest assured that I will always wear these with a top over the waist anyway. I don’t tuck in. Haven’t since I was about 25 – and even then I seem to remember it was a half tuck…

Style Arc Luna pants in Style Arc bengaline

The deep hems and side slits worked out beautifully (once again, not a great photo of them, but believe me anyway).  As usual, most construction was on the overlocker, with the sewing machine used for the side slits and the hems. These were a quick and simple sew.

Style Arc Besharl tee with Style Arc Luna pants

I do find it all too matchy matchy worn together though! Will definitely mix up these pieces with other wardrobe items in future.


12 thoughts on “Style Arc Besharl tee and Luna pant

  1. These look great together as an outfit. Lovely fit top and bottom. What size twin needle do you use? I have tried the 2mm one with little success…sometimes gets knotted, eats the material. I am having better luck with the 4mm…but is this too wide for the neckband?

    1. I have tried and use a variety of widths in twin needles. This was was fairly wide – I think 4mm. It was just okay for the neckband. I quite like a 2.5mm width as well. I experiment a bit, but often just use what is the closest to hand!

  2. I agree with Vicki. That centre back is really striking. It looks good. And yes, different coloured shoes to break it up (I never thought I’d think that!) . I think the top looks great with the pants. Unless you’re turning into a wallflower! Lol. … no, you’re not.

  3. LOVE that tee! Sheesh but you’re going to break me with your excellent renditions of Style Arc Patterns. I think..”meh…too similar to what I have and I barely have time to sew, my skills are going to Hell in a handbasket I’m so rusty, I shouldn’t spend more $ on patterns when I’ve oodles not even touched..” THEN, I see a new post from you and off to Amazon I go! Could I jut BE you, maybe? For just a month? : D

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