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Style Arc Teddy designer top

This is one of those patterns that I bought almost immediately upon release, and sewed up almost as quickly.

Style Arc Teddy top in orange linen

Unfortunately the photos are a little fuzzy, but I have to work with what I’ve got! The pattern is Style Arc’s Teddy Designer top.  From their website:  This uniquely crafted design comes in two lengths – top or tunic. The gorgeous collar sits high on the neck. The stitched facings and swing back with a high-low hemline give this style a luxe look. Make the top to give your look an instant update or make the tunic for a more effortless silhouette. FABRIC SUGGESTION Linen, silk, crepe.


Some of you may have noticed in the pants in the above diagram – they are the Teddy designer pant.  I chose not to purchase and make the coordinating pants as they have a fitted waistband and front zip opening – and I am all about the elastic waist.  I know it wouldn’t be hard to modify them, but I didn’t feel highly inclined.  I do like the line drawing though.  Some of you may also have noticed that the collar of the Teddy top has distinct similarity with the collar of the Style Arc Toni designer dress, and yes, it is constructed in a very similar manner.

Style Arc Teddy top in orange linen

I chose to sew the top length of the pattern, but there is a tunic length option as well. The top length is great on my short torso, especially when paired with a wide legged pant (the pants I’m wearing in these photos are from a 1990s McCalls pattern). The fabric is a wonderful orange linen that was originally part of Blogless Anna’s stash. I adore it! You can see the colour and self-striped texture better in the detail photos.

Style Arc Teddy top in orange linen

As you can see, the collar can be worn standing up – it’s very high, and feels rather dramatic and chic – or folded back.

Style Arc Teddy top in orange linen

There is some precision required to get the intersection of the front and collar seams exactly right. Follow the instructions, pin carefully, and even consider a bit of hand-stitching if necessary to ensure that everything lines up exactly as it should. It’s not terribly difficult, but you need to pay attention. The sleeve bands are a nice touch, and are straightforward to attach.

Style Arc Teddy top in orange linen

I constructed this top on the sewing machine, pressing seams open before finishing the seam allowances on the overlocker. I really like the amount of flare in the body of the top, and the gently shaped hemline. Facings are the perfect way to finish the bottom edge, and they’re just the right size to make the top swing nicely.

Style Arc Teddy top in orange linen

I sewed straight size 12, no alterations. It would have been worth considering a forward shoulder alteration of a centimetre or so – which is actually an alteration that I feel I should do more often in general nowadays. Otherwise I’ve selected size based on bust/shoulder measurement. Given the shape of this top I didn’t need to take waist size into account. Actually, I never choose a pattern according to my waist size anyway.

Style Arc Teddy top in orange linen

This top was an absolute hit for me – and I received many compliments on it (many from random strangers) when I first wore it! That’s always a pleasant feeling. Highly recommended!


16 thoughts on “Style Arc Teddy designer top

  1. Gorgeous top. I’m afraid I also spotted the similarity to Toni and decided too adjust that pattern rather than buying another.
    I love your version. That orange fabric is mouthwateringly gorgeous 😀.

  2. I have a short neck. I made the Toni dress, and have to wear the collar folded down, which is a shame, because I love it up. I may try to reduce the collar height if I make it again.

  3. This top looks like the woven Toni dress exactly (just combine the collars). Is it possible to sew the top out of the dress pattern? Or there are substentual differences ( except the wide faced hem)

    1. There are some minor differences – the Toni has a two piece collar, whereas the Teddy has the collar cut in one piece, and there is slightly different sleeve shaping with sleeve cuffs on the Teddy. And as you’ve mentioned already, the wide faced hi-low hemline of the Teddy. Given that, it would be pretty easy to turn the Toni into a Teddy or something very close to it.

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