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Sutton, Peta and Adeline

Well, that was a sudden blog break!  In summary – we had a brilliant time in the South Island of New Zealand, got home, launched straight back into work and school, and I’ve barely had time to stop and smell the roses since!  I do hope that I’ll get the second half of our holiday blogged at some stage (for our family records) but I’m not putting any pressure on myself as to when.

I have managed to fit in a little bit of sewing since we’ve been back though – because last weekend my dear Mum celebrated her 80th birthday!

Alison's 80th

You know, my Mum is a pretty special and amazing lady. The first few years of her life were spent on a timber mill, then the family moved into a small country town. She went nursing after finishing fourth form, and has made friends that have been by her side for her entire lifetime. Mum travelled and worked overseas on her own in the 1960s – back in the days when you got to the UK by ship – and has retained that interest in travel, people and places. She married, brought up two kids, went back to nursing, has been involved in her local community and church, and in more recent years has thoroughly enjoyed time spent with her granddaughters. Mum is always interested in people and what is going on in the world around her. She’s an avid reader and knitter, and yes, she taught me how to sew. She looks after dad tirelessly, helps me out whenever needed, is a great friend and support to many around her, and as my daughters say, she’s a great cook! Mum has taught me many valuable lessons throughout my life and I love her very much. Happy birthday Mum!

Alison's 80th

I sewed three garments for Mum for her birthday, all of them patterns that I’ve sewn for her before so I know will fit her. Let’s start with the True Bias Sutton blouse!

True Bias Sutton Blouse

The first time I sewed this for Mum it was a fraction snug, so this time I sewed size 16. The fabric is a beautiful lightweight semi-sheer woven from Mum’s stash. It probably dates back twenty or thirty years, but I think that it still looks very current. It’s rather crisp and takes a press beautifully.

True Bias Sutton Blouse

My parents live in Shepparton in country Victoria, in the same house I grew up in. Any of you who know Shepparton know that in summer it’s hot, hot, hot. A top like this should work very well in Mum’s wardrobe.

True Bias Sutton Blouse

Because the fabric was semi-sheer I followed the instructions and constructed the blouse with french seams, except for the side seams. The side seams had the edges overlocked then were sewn on the sewing machine, for ease of making the side splits nice and neat.

True Bias Sutton Blouse

I think that this top looks great on Mum. It’s also quite fast to sew. Highly recommended!

True Bias Sutton Blouse

Next up was a pair of Style Arc Peta pants. I made these even faster and simpler to sew by eliminating the side seam pockets. I also eliminated a total of three inches in length from the pattern pieces by taking a fold both above and below the knee.

Style Arc Peta pants in printed rayon from Darn Cheap Fabrics

The fabric is printed viscose from Darn Cheap Fabrics (a couple of years ago). This fabric and style combined result in a very comfortable – and cool – pair of pants that should be very easy to wear. I think that these were sewn in size 16 as well.

Style Arc Peta pants in printed rayon from Darn Cheap Fabrics

And last, but by no means least, I sewed a Style Arc Adeline dress!

Style Arc Adeline dress in printed rayon from Rathdowne Fabrics

I wonder if this is one of Style Arc’s best selling patterns. I’ve seen so many versions of this dress on all sorts of shapes and sizes and it seems to look good on pretty much all of them! It’s also quite straightforward to sew. This version is size 16, left at pattern length (I shorten my versions of the Adeline). Mum prefers her skirts longer rather than shorter.

Style Arc Adeline dress in printed rayon from Rathdowne Fabrics

The fabric is printed rayon from Rathdowne Fabrics. If you think it looks familiar, it may be because I’ve used the other colourway for a dress for myself. I decided to leave the pockets off as the pattern is busy enough without any additional detail being necessary.

Style Arc Adeline dress in printed rayon from Rathdowne Fabrics

The gentle high-low hemline of this dress is a really nice feature. It’s not exaggerated, and because it is finished with wide facings – as is the neckline – it hangs really nicely.

Style Arc Adeline dress in printed rayon from Rathdowne Fabrics

I made sure to stitch in the ditch along the sleeve seamlines for a centimetre or so in order to secure the cuffs.

Style Arc Adeline dress in printed rayon from Rathdowne Fabrics

So there you go – there has been some sewing this year! Mum has sewn so many garments for me over the years it’s a pleasure to return the favour.


28 thoughts on “Sutton, Peta and Adeline

  1. Love this blog and pics of Alison Lara! A living tribute to her..and she looks fabulous in her new clothing… amazing materials all of which suit her so well!

  2. So glad to see you’re back! I always enjoy your travels and I look forward to reading about the second half of your New Zealand trip. Happy Birthday to your mother. She looks very happy with her clothing gifts!

  3. Happy Birthday to your Mum!

    What lovely words about your Mum. She must be very, very special.
    How wonderful to be able to share such a happy occasion.

    (I was born in Shep. But the family moved to Melbourne when I was small. It does get v hot.)

  4. Happy 80th to your Mum! What lovely garments you made for her. I love the picture of your Mum and daughters – such beautiful smiles. The loving energy between them all leaps out of the photo!

  5. These are gorgeous and the patterns are great . I’ve used a few style arc. Your mum looks amazing and lovely in bright colours. She’s very stylish. I so love your blog. It’s inspirational. Thanks Marion

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  6. It’s looks like you had a wonderful time celebrating this special birthday with your Mom. She looks great in the clothes that you sewed for her. How lucky your children are to get to know and love her, too.

  7. I too love the picture of your mom with your daughters, what an attractive and happy looking trio! Too bad about vacations ending, isn’t it, but at least you got a birthday party and some sewing out of it!


  8. I spent 2 days in Shepparton in January and it was hot!! Happy Birthday to your Mum. She looks lovely in the clothes you made for her. Great idea for a birthday present.

  9. Happy Birthday To your Mum! Great makes, it is wonderful to give back- my Mum is a similar generation and did the trip to England in the early 60’s as well- in fact Mum (Melbourne) and Dad (Adelaide) met on the ship going over!

  10. Happy Birthday to Mum from Phoenix Arizona, USA. I wish you many more healthy and happy years. Lara, you are lucky to have a mum who is a good cook and Mum is lucky to have a daughter who sews for her!

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