New Zealand 2018

NZ Holiday day 1 – Auckland

Well hello there everyone!  Sorry that it has been a little time between blog posts.  I had planned to have all garments sewn during 2017 blogged during 2017 – but that just isn’t going to happen!  You know, Christmas, life, and preparing for holidays!

Dec 29 NZ holiday - Auckland

As is very obvious from the title of this blog post, we are now in New Zealand! We arrived yesterday after a flight that involved some turbulence (with corresponding nausea and vomiting, especially from the poor teen. It’s almost inevitable nowadays that she will vomit during landing. That doesn’t put her off coming overseas though!) The flight from Melbourne takes less than four hours – around the same as a flight from Melbourne to many other parts of Australia.

Dec 29 NZ holiday - Auckland

Once we arrived we collected our hire car (only just fitting luggage for four people into the boot – thank goodness for my tetris packing skills) and headed off to our Auckland accommodation. We’re staying at an Air BnB in Lynfield. It’s a beautiful, peaceful location. We’re quickly realising that much of New Zealand is hilly, and that water views abound.

Dec 29 NZ holiday - Auckland

There’s a beautiful cliff top walk nearby – just the thing to soak in the air, admire the vegetation and listen to the birds. In our brief time here so far NZ is much like Australia in many ways (and let’s face it, most Australians have lots of Kiwi friends/relatives – the two countries and closely linked) yet there are also differences that become more and more apparent. And after all, don’t we go overseas to appreciate and learn from the differences?

Dec 29 NZ holiday - Auckland

Dec 29 NZ holiday - Auckland

Some of our more cynical friends laughed at us when we told them our next overseas holiday was NZ. “New Zealand – is that actually overseas”? Too right it is! International flight, passports, different money (fortunately the exchange rate is ever so slightly in our favour), international roaming on our phone, and Woolworths is called Countdown (much to Stella’s great entertainment). We must be overseas! But it’s so easy travelling in a country where everyone speaks English and the road rules are pretty much the same as at home too.

Dec 29 NZ holiday - Auckland

Dec 29 NZ holiday - Auckland

Dec 29 NZ holiday - Auckland

As I type this I’m trying to get the family up and moving. There’s a two hour time difference and although it’s nearly 9am here it’s not quite 7am in their minds. We need to adjust!  There’s so much to see and to do!

Dec 29 NZ holiday - Auckland

Dec 29 NZ holiday - Auckland

Actually, we’re fairly realistic – we know that there is no way we can see and do everything.  There are whole areas we had to cut from our itinerary because it’s just not possible to do this beautiful country complete justice in three and a half weeks.  That’s okay – it leaves more places to explore for our next visit!  In terms of our itinerary, this is how it looks:

  • Auckland – 3 nights
  • Rotorua – 4 nights
  • Te Harato – 2 nights
  • Wellington – 2 nights
  • Nelson – 2 nights
  • Greymouth – 1 night
  • Franz Josef – 2 nights
  • Wanaka – 1 night
  • Queenstown – 2 nights
  • Te Anau – 2 nights
  • Dunedin – 2 nights
  • Christchurch – 2 nights

We will definitely be visiting Hobbiton, Franz Josef Glacier and doing a cruise on Milford Sound.  The rest of what we’re up to is flexible.  There is so much on offer, but we endeavour to pick the most family friendly set of activities for our group (extended winery tours or four hour hikes won’t be happening).  It means minimal (if any) fabric shopping but plenty of smiles from the 10 year old and almost 15 year old.  Sadly Stella’s strong dislike of caves – especially those with water in them – means that Waitomo Caves and the gloworms are probably out of the question.  Sob.

Accommodation wise we’re mixing it up between Air BnBs (including a farm stay) and cabins in holiday parks.  Hopefully this will work out well for us.

Dec 29 NZ holiday - Auckland

Dec 29 NZ holiday - Auckland

So, if you’re reading my blog for the sewing – it’s now become a travel blog for the next three and a half weeks!  I know that will keep my Mum and Dad happy – it is great that technology allows us to share what we are up to so easily.


15 thoughts on “NZ Holiday day 1 – Auckland

  1. Great to see you’re on holiday in NZ – while in Auckland try to get to the Fabric Store – its open today but closed for the New Year holidays 0ther wise you can try their stores in Wellington and Christchurch- look for NZ merino – just the right weight for the Melbourne climate. Sorry to see you’re going to miss the Bay of Plenty – just over the hill from Hobbiton- great beaches and relaxed holidaying- I might even have been able to shout you a coffee and show you around. Anyway enjoy yourselves cheers

  2. Too right NZ is ‘overseas’. Visiting the Bay of Plenty would be good, but appreciate that it is hard to fit the whole country in in 3 1/2 weeks. I must admit I had to look up Te Harato (spelling?) on the map, and am rather mystified… Looking forward to your blogging about it. While in Nelson visit the World of WearableArt Museum if you can. Highly recommended. The cars on display there are great, too.

  3. Lara I don’t know if this is much help but we had planned to go to the caves and stayed in a camping ground somewhere in the area starting with T I think and the people there told us about a railway cutting…I think disused that had glow worms. We saw heaps and didn’t bother about the caves.

  4. Have a wonderful trip! We went twice (from the UK), first time was a 4 week road trip, and the second time almost a 5 week one, but there’s still loads more to see when we can go again.
    It’s my favourite destination in the whole world, closely followed by Canada.

  5. Have a great trip . I love the South Island . So very different to Australia . Beware of the lunch times crushes on huge cruise ships on Milford sound . They are noisy ( commentary in 3 different languages all at once ) and the food is horrible . Kits was the least good experience for us . The drive out there though us fantastic . The scenery around Wanamaker and Queenstown is amazin as is the drive through Otago on your way to Christchurch

  6. Ps a cruse on the lake at Queenstown us a must do . Also Arrowtown which is very near by is worth a visit , some great eateries . We stayed in the caravan park there .

  7. I really sympathise with your teen traveller! I was regularly ill on most forms of transport, but particularly planes, until I discovered Avil (available from chemists). It does make you sleepy but as she will not be driving that should not matter and makes the long-haul trips from Australia much less daunting. I have not let the travel sickness stopped me from travelling and can now actually enjoy the experience. (No affiliation, just a satisfied customer!)

  8. Condolences on the airsickness, but I am glad she is able to travel anyhow. You still have Woolworths? I am thrilled to know my childhood favourite still exists somewhere on the globe even if it seems to be history here in the US–

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