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Style Arc Patricia Rose dress

This recent Style Arc pattern was a no-brainer for me.  V neckline, no waist definition – just what I love!

Style Arc Patricia Rose dress in hand-woven Thai cotton

This is the Style Arc Patricia Rose dress. From the website: Feel comfortable and look great in this gorgeous V-neck dress. The under-bust horizontal tuck is enhanced by the front inverted pleat, side in-seam pockets and roll-up sleeves. This is a loose fitting garment and therefore has considerable positive ease. FABRIC SUGGESTION Linen, crepe, rayon.


This was an easy dress to sew. As always, it is impeccably drafted and all the pieces fit together exactly as they should. I sewed size 12. And yes, as always, I should probably have considered adding a sway back adjustment. But I didn’t.

Style Arc Patricia Rose dress in hand-woven Thai cotton

This is another fabric souvenir dress. I bought the green striped hand-woven cotton on my last visit to Chiang Mai. Thanks again Gaye for doing all the reconnaissance for me and finding such wonderful little shops that sell such wonderful fabrics! I absolutely adore this one – and it’s just perfect for this dress.

Style Arc Patricia Rose dress in hand-woven Thai cotton

The V neckline is faced, and sits very nicely. I really like that tuck as well. The bust darts originating from the armhole seem to work well with my C cup too. And the sleeves! Great length for autumn or spring weather, and the cuffs are simple to sew but add a lovely detail.

Style Arc Patricia Rose dress in hand-woven Thai cotton

The hem is also fairly wide, which I rather like. It’s hemmed to pattern length which on me is right on the bend of the knee. I think that any longer would mess with the proportions. There are also side seam pockets. Often I leave them out of dresses, as I find that they just weight them down, but they work quite well in this one. I did most of the sewing on the machine but finished edges on the overlocker. Good thing that I have bright green overlocker thread!  Those cute embroidered shoes came from Chiang Mai as well.

Style Arc Patricia Rose dress in hand-woven Thai cotton

I feel happy when I look at photos of this dress, and it’s been very comfortable to wear. Another Style Arc winner!


8 thoughts on “Style Arc Patricia Rose dress

  1. It’s very you, Lara! I love the fabric and once again, though my output is nil these days, I find you’ve sold me on another Style Arc Pattern! The dress and shoe combo is just perfect!

  2. Thanks for your review Lara, I have contemplated buying this pattern but was stopped by the pleat. I have found with my underbust bulge that the dresses I have made with this feature tend to draw attention to the bulge rather than taking away from it. This dress seems to sit well and loosely which may hide the the bulge better (or maybe mine is bigger than yours!). .

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