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Style Arc Lillian, Lucinda and Evie

Thanks to those who encouraged me to pass on the blue top I blogged yesterday – it’s out of my wardrobe!  I’ll make another Presto Popover another day, in another size and a drapier fabric.  I always like to show the things that don’t work on my blog as well as the things that do!  This next outfit is one that I think does work.

Style Arc Lucinda knit jacket in cotton/spandex

Yes, it’s another Style Arc combination, and I bought all three patterns together in a bundle. It’s the Lillian jacket, Lucinda pants, and Evie tank top.

Style Arc Lucinda knit pants in cotton/spandex knit

I’ll start with the Lucinda knit pants. From the website: This pull on knit pant is the most comfortable and flattering pant you will own. The straight leg is easy to wear and the new crotch shape is great for all body shapes. The front tucks gives the pant a great easy look without causing bulk over at the centre front. FABRIC SUGGESTION Jersey knit, slinky.


I sewed these in knit jersey, not too sure about the composition but I reckon it could be a cotton and/or viscose blend, definitely with spandex in it.  I shortened the pattern pieces by taking a 5/8″ fold out of the legs both above and below the knee (I do this routinely with Style Arc pants).  Once again it’s a nice wide waistband with elastic inside it, and as usual I cut the elastic to the same length as the waistband.

Style Arc Lucinda knit pants in cotton/spandex knit

On me those lovely little front pleats – so elegant on the line drawing – open straight up to give more belly room. That’s fine, I need it! It makes them even more comfortable.

Style Arc Lucinda knit pants in cotton/spandex knit

The back view is pretty good too.  Fitted through the bum (which I prefer) but in a comfy roomy style through the leg, not too wide, not too narrow.  Despite shortening the pattern pieces, these are still a bit on the long side and may benefit from re-hemming an inch shorter.

Style Arc Evie knit top in viscose knit from The Cloth Shop

So, on to the Evie knit top!  The website says:  This staple piece is given a point of difference with a curved hem line. It will become the most useful garment in your wardrobe. Wear it under your favourite jacket to the office or casually with jeans. Have fun with the knit you choose, try a lurex knit or a fashionable print. FABRIC SUGGESTION Jersey knit, slinky.


This is a deceptively simple pattern that produces a really good result, especially on my shape.  I used a viscose/spandex knit, originally from The Cloth Shop.  It was the perfect weight for this top.

Style Arc Evie knit top in viscose knit from The Cloth Shop

I sewed size 12, exactly as per the pattern. It skims nicely over my mid-section, and the neckline and armholes are just the right size and shape. Both are finished with narrow bands – you do need to be comfortable with this type of finish to sew this well, but it isn’t difficult. Just one of those things that benefits from practice! I must have sewn hundred of neckbands and armbands in knits by now, so I don’t have any qualms. Actually, I like that it avoids hemming! Sew on the band, press, and generally I also topstitch (often with a twin needle) to secure.

Style Arc Evie knit top in viscose knit from The Cloth Shop

Lastly, to the jacket.

Style Arc Lucinda knit jacket in cotton/spandex

This is the Lillian knit jacket. From the website: The engineered sleeve gives this gorgeous knit jacket a slim and interesting look. The collar hugs the neck and falls softly to the front. Try making it with contrast facings or contrast side panels. This will become a go to jacket, right for all occasions. FABRIC SUGGESTION Jersey knit, slinky.


I sewed size 12 in the same cotton and/or viscose spandex knit that I used for the pants.  I didn’t make any alterations to the jacket, but it probably would have benefitted from being shortened through the body for my 158cm height. It’s very long at the back!

Style Arc Lucinda knit jacket in cotton/spandex

A fair bit of the construction was on the sewing machine, especially in order to sew those pivoted underarm seams. Otherwise I used the overlocker. After wearing this I have gone back and topstitched the front facings down – they were flapping to the outside, which is a look that I never like.

Style Arc Lucinda knit jacket in cotton/spandex

This is a relaxed jacket in this fabric, which provides a great deal of comfort and include handy inseam pockets. The narrow shawl collar rolls back nicely, and overall it has some really lovely design lines. I’d like to sew this again in a jersey that doesn’t cling to itself quite as much. Wearing this outfit really is as comfortable as being in your pyjamas!


7 thoughts on “Style Arc Lillian, Lucinda and Evie

  1. I’m definitely of the belief that it’s clothing’s responsibility to fit you, not the other way around, so I’m glad you ditched the tee! You really have a knack of making the perfect matching outfit.

  2. I wish I had such consistent results with Stylearc patterns! I tend to find that on the whole they are not drafted for my shape. The outfit goes very well together. I particularly like the fit of the tee.

    1. That a pain for you Andrea! I believe that they use the same fit model as Witchery actually – so someone taller than me and curvier. Maybe it depends on which patterns in the range we are sewing up. There is certainly a massive section of their patterns that I would never sew for myself because they require a waist – particularly anything that is woven and fitted through the middle. I’m too lazy to make the alterations those patterns would require! So the Style Arc patterns on my blog are mostly those that I think will work best with my shape. But I don’t always get it right….

  3. I always appreciate seeing your less successful garments and reading your thoughtful reviews of them, really helpful. This outfit, however, is not one of those: it looks so flattering on you. I note from the trouser pattern description ‘the new crotch shape’. Could you elaborate on this please?

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