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BurdaStyle #101 10/2016 Knotted Shirt

Gee, I wish that Burda Style numbered and/or named things a little differently.  It’s hard to keep track!  This top is pattern #101 from the 10/2016 issue of Burda Style – you can find the pattern online here.

#101 Knotted shirt from Burda 10/2016 in viscose knitn from The Cloth Shop

Burda describe this top as follows: What is better than a knotted blouse? A knotted T-shirt! The ties on this shirt with its slightly shortened sleeves are cut on and faced and can be tied tighter or looser, depending on your mood.

Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 10.24.24 am

As with many of the Burda Style patterns, there is actually a dress pattern associated with this top pattern – so I suggest that you do what I did and buy the dress pattern!  Then you have the option of sewing either – they use the same pattern pieces (except a couple of extra ones for the dress).

#101 Knotted shirt from Burda 10/2016 in viscose knitn from The Cloth Shop

I used elastic in the lower back hemline, as per the instructions, but that really is more applicable for the dress version. I always find that I have to think a little more when sewing a Burda Style pattern – firstly to remember to add seam allowances, and secondly to work out just what the instructions are telling me!

#101 Knotted shirt from Burda 10/2016 in viscose knitn from The Cloth Shop

The ties are faced, then knotted. There is a teensy bit of origami involved in constructing the front of the top, but if you just slow down and take your time you shouldn’t have any issues. Size wise, I think I sewed the 40 – it’s a fairly oversized style though, so take that into account. I think that the line drawing is an accurate reflection of the pattern, moreso than the impression you get when looking at it on the tall slim broad shouldered model.

#101 Knotted shirt from Burda 10/2016 in viscose knitn from The Cloth Shop

The sublime viscose knit is from The Cloth Shop. It’s such a beautiful fabric to work with – medium weight, lovely drape, and surprisingly easy to handle. Burda suggest 100% cotton jersey knit for this top, but I feel that something with a little more drape is a better choice. And I adore the colour!

#101 Knotted shirt from Burda 10/2016 in viscose knitn from The Cloth Shop

Burda Style are always worth a look. Just remember that you’ll be taping those pdf patterns (or tracing them if you get the magazine), don’t forget to add seam allowances, and you may wish to have a couple of sewing reference books handy.



14 thoughts on “BurdaStyle #101 10/2016 Knotted Shirt

  1. This is so helpful! I was about to start today so feel all set up now. It looks really good on you and I’m a similar shape so feeling enthusiastic. I was planning to leave off the sleeves and go with a dropped shoulder but now I think I need both versions.

  2. The top looks great , I really love the off centre knot detail. I am a huge fan of Burda and have gotten so used to tracing off the patterns now that it doesn’t bother me anymore but I used to hate it. The Cloth Shop sells beautiful, good quality fabric .

  3. I love that pattern and the colour is glorious on you. The newsagents here have had trouble sourcing the Burda magazines. I will look in the pattern books and see if there is something similar.

    1. Hi Barb – I never buy the Burda magazines as I hate tracing amongst all those other lines. Do you know the PDFs are available from their website. I don’t love PDFs either but a much better option than tracing.

  4. Great outfit and your new top is lovely! I agree with your drapier fabric choice, and can almost see how gorgeous this fabric is from your photos! Also, I second you on the Burda naming system – a few of my older blog posts have these mathematical looking titles lol!

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