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Lekala 4639 coat

This was the final garment I sewed at Sewjourn in May.  That was a highly successful Sewjourn – I sewed less items, but was very happy with nearly all of them!  It’s nice when it all works out that way.

Lekala 4639 coat in wool blend from Rathdowne Fabrics

Lekala 4639 is one of Lekala’s more recent offerings. I knew as soon as I saw it that I’d be making it! Their description of it is “coat”. Well, yes. They do suggest cashmere, gaberdine or tweed as the suggested fabrics.



This is actually a fully lined coat, with the lining pattern pieces provided.  I can draft lining pieces if I have to, but the lazy in me much prefers it when somebody else has already done that work for me!  I used some slippery printed fabric that a friend whose husband works in the fashion industry had given me – I think that it was originally intended for scarves.

Lekala 4639 coat in wool blend from Rathdowne Fabrics

The main fabric was a remnant from Rathdowne Fabrics. It is a wool blend, and was very pleasant to work with. It sewed easily and pressed well. I did have to keep an eye out for fraying, but otherwise it was terrific. There are quite a lot of different colours in the weave, but overall it reads as fairly browny green.

Lekala 4639 coat in wool blend from Rathdowne Fabrics

Being a Lekala pattern, it was drafted to my measurements. And wow, that fit is just great! The lengths and the proportions are just right for me. I really do love that about Lekala! There is not a great deal of structure in this coat – just interfacing through the front panels and back neckline, as well as the in the sleeve facings. I didn’t even include shoulder pads, although it may have benefitted from a small one. You could definitely add them if required.

Lekala 4639 coat in wool blend from Rathdowne Fabrics

I chose to use large snaps as the fastenings instead of buttons. I also found that I needed to hand-sew the coat hem and the sleeve facings in place, or else they bagged down, even with the linings. The linings were of course a big larger than the coat to allow for movement, but this also allowed the narrowed hemline to fall down at first. A bit of hand sewing fixed that right up.

Lekala 4639 coat in wool blend from Rathdowne Fabrics

There are darts around the hemline that give this jacket its lovely cocoon shape. They aren’t hard to do – in fact, this wasn’t a difficult garment to assemble. Not all that many pieces, and they were all logically assembled. Lekela provide an order of construction rather than hand-holding instructions, but with a garment like this one (and plenty of years or sewing experience behind you, or a few good reference books) that really is all that you need. And a bit of common sense!

Lekala 4639 coat in wool blend from Rathdowne Fabrics

Once upon a time I would have laughed at coats with half or three quarter length sleeves, but nowadays I really like them! The shaping in this one is really nice, with the curve up to the underarm seam.  It doesn’t sit quite a perfectly as I’d like on the inside there – maybe I needed a bit more clipping and grading. The back neckline and shoulders fit nicely and there isn’t any obvious fabric pooling due to my short back waist, which is always a win – although with this coat style choice it shouldn’t have really been a problem anyway.

Lekala 4639 coat in wool blend from Rathdowne Fabrics

Overall, this coat is a BIG win for me and for Lekala. It’s a very current style, and it fits me so well! If you haven’t taken a look at Lekala or Bootstrap patterns yet (they use the same software) I really recommend that you do. They release new styles regularly, and with a bit of trial and error regarding style ease (there’s generally not much!) you end up with fit that you can rely on. And did I mention the price point? Very reasonable – especially if you buy a pattern bundle.

Lekala 4639 coat in wool blend from Rathdowne Fabrics


7 thoughts on “Lekala 4639 coat

  1. I love this! The thing I don’t like about Lekala is the line drawings and this jacket is one such example of reality being far beyond line drawing expectations. I will have to put this one in my favourites list.

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