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McCalls 7125

About a year ago I attended Melbourne’s first restash event.  It’s a get-together where you take fabric, patterns, and any other sewing supplies that you no longer require, put them onto long tables, then take home things that other people have brought along!  I think that I came home with less than I took (which was my aim).  Both McCalls 7125 and the fabric that I used to sew it up came from Restash.  My thanks to the donors!

McCalls 7125 in viscose twill

This style really is my jam for summer tops. Loose and cool, V-neckline, shoulder coverage, nothing tight.

McCalls 7125 in viscose twill

The fabric appears to be a viscose twill. It drapes nicely and feels lovely and soft against the skin. The pattern used up quite a bit of fabric – I had to do pattern tetris to fit all the pieces onto the fabric that I had, so wasn’t able to match all the motifs quite as well as I would have liked.

McCalls 7125 in viscose twill

From the McCalls website:  Very loose-fitting, pullover tops have bias neck facing, V-neckline, fullness forming drape, shaped hemline, wrong side shows and narrow hem. A, B: Racerback straps. B:Front lace overlay and purchased trim. C, D: Short dolman sleeves. C: Contrast panel. D: Double-layered.

I sewed view C, the single layered version with cut on dolman sleeve.  I’d like to give the double layered version a go too though – I think it would be perfect for semi-sheer, floaty fabrics.


I think that this is a pattern that would be easy to overlook, but it is really a terrific everyday casual style.  I assume that sewed size Medium, which is a 12-14.  As you can see from the photos, the front is quite a bit shorter than the back, so you might want to take that into account when sewing it up.  Construction wise, it was very straight forward.

McCalls 7125 in viscose twill


7 thoughts on “McCalls 7125

  1. that pattern looks so simple but the way it is cut results in a very lovely top. I think a lot of the McCalls and other big 4 patterns are easy to overlook but they have so many nice details and often have multiple views in one envelope – that is my jam 🙂 multiple choices for my pattern $

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