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Style Arc Bianca knit top

This time it’s not a pattern repeat!  It is a garment that I sewed last year, though.

Style Arc Bianca top in knit remnant and tencel woven

The Style Arc Bianca knit top is described on their website as follows:  Great spliced top, make it in knit with contrast angled side panels and hem bands. The flattering “V” neck along with its long sleeve or short this is a great versatile top. FABRIC SUGGESTION: Knit Jersey with woven trim (such as Rayon or silk).


I used a printed viscose/spandex knit remnant from The Cloth Shop for the body, with navy woven tencel from Clear It for the inset panels and sleeve and hem bands.

Style Arc Bianca top in knit remnant and tencel woven

This was mostly sewn on the overlocker, with the machine being used judiciously for topstitching and for elements like attaching the neck band. I sewed straight size 12.

Style Arc Bianca top in knit remnant and tencel woven

There is lots that I like about this top, yet I have only worn it a couple of times. It continues to survive wardrobe purges though. I suspect that one of the issues is that the tencel creases terribly, and this really does require ironing before wearing. I do iron my clothes before putting them away, but whether folded or hanging, the tencel panels on this top get very creased in the wardrobe. The sleeves could be a fraction too long as well.

Style Arc Bianca top in knit remnant and tencel woven

I think that I need to pull out this pattern again and try it in all knits, in a different colourway, and see if it gets more wear. I really like V-necks, and this has the loose body fit that I prefer in my clothes to accommodate my belly. I should possibly pass this version on, but I still give the pattern a thumbs up. I just need to get the fabrics right for me.

Style Arc Bianca top

Don’t you always interrupt your ironing to do some hula hooping in your ugg boots?


8 thoughts on “Style Arc Bianca knit top

  1. I think this top looks very good on you. I have this pattern (and the fabric for it) and I was wondering if you had shortened the top. It looks longer, almost tunic length, in the illustration.

    1. I didn’t make any changes. That is pattern length, so I think shorter than the illustration suggests. Mind you my belly takes up a bit of room and makes things look shorter than on someone with a smaller mid section.

  2. Arghhh. Writing comments using my iPad is such a pain. I’ll try WordPress this time. Logging in with Google doesnt work.
    Your top looks fantastic. Very flattering. I think it’s especially good because the neckline is higher at the back and it comes closer to your neck as it comes over your shoulders. I love your blog and of all the bloggers I follow, yours is the one where I get the most practical information about patterns I would try. Thank you:)

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