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summer pyjamas for Clare

It is SO cold today!  Winter is well and truly chilly this year (by Melbourne standards).  We are all wearing our cosiest winter pyjamas and dressing gowns and slippers and there are flannelette sheets on the beds.  But these are the pyjamas that I sewed for Clare last summer.

pyjamas - Oliver + S Sunny Day shorts and Lunch Box Tee in cotton lycra knits

I used two Oliver + S patterns to sew this set. The shorts is the free Sunny Day shorts pattern. The top is the Lunch Box Tee.

pyjamas - Oliver + S Sunny Day shorts and Lunch Box Tee in cotton lycra knits

Both pieces were sewn in knits; the shorts in a cotton/lycra from Crafty Mamas Fabrics, and I found the printed cotton jersey in given-to-me stash – maybe it used to belong to Rachel? I sewed the shorts in size 12, the largest size.  Clare has decided that they’re most comfortable on her with the legs rolled up a little.

From the Sunny Day Shorts pattern page: Every kid needs a good pair of shorts to wear outside on a sunny day, and this free sewing pattern will help you make just that pair. These quick and easy-to-sew shorts are sure to become a staple in any summer wardrobe. Suitable for both boys and girls, this pattern can be made from a variety of light- to medium-weight woven fabrics like quilting cotton, denim, canvas, chambray, and linen. The Sunny Day Shorts free sewing pattern is also perfect for customizing. Try adding pockets, applique, ribbon, embroidery, or color-blocking. Make these shorts as unique as the kid who will wear them!

This is a nicely drafted kids shorts pattern, and there is also a photo tutorial on the Oliver + S blog.  I highly recommend it if you’re learning to sew and want a simple pattern to use, as it’s so well drafted.  Simple patterns need to be shaped properly!  You’ll get a good result with this one.

pyjamas - Oliver + S Sunny Day shorts and Lunch Box Tee in cotton lycra knits

The Lunch Box Tee is another terrific pattern.  It can be worn with the sleeves folded up or left down – these are genuine freshly out of bed photos and it looks like we have one of each in the photo above!  I used the same cotton/lycra for the neckband as for the shorts, which had the right amount of recovery to get a flat neckband.  The print for the top is a bit off grain (possibly from Spotlight originally?) and although it’s a lovely cool summer fabric to wear, it doesn’t have all that much stretch.  Most construction was on the overlocker, with twin needling in a contrasting thread colour to secure the neckband and the bottom hem.  I probably sewed size 12 for Clare.

From the Lunch Box Tee pattern page: Girl’s split skirt and knit top pattern. This pattern features wide, pleated culottes that look like a full skirt but are more versatile. They can be worn for a wide range of activities from biking to turning flips on the monkey bars. Pull-on styling includes front and back inverted box pleats, back elastic, and hidden side pockets. The boxy knit top can be made up as a sweatshirt with pockets that are perfect for storing all kinds of tiny treasures, or it can be sewn up as a T-shirt with cute cuffed sleeves.

pyjamas - Oliver + S Sunny Day shorts and Lunch Box Tee in cotton lycra knits


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