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Style Arc Halle stretch skirt

Over the years I have worked out my preferred skirt styles.  A quick glance in my wardrobe shows a predominance of straight skirts in stretch fabric.  There is the odd A-line skirt in there, a maxi or two, and a few straight skirts in woven fabrics, but you won’t find anything with a gathered waist or a great deal of fullness.  My thick middle/pot belly combination makes a straight stretch skirt the most comfortable one for me – remember, they always have that magic elastic in the waist!


I saw the Style Arc Halle Stretch Skirt as a great way to add a little variety to my straight stretch skirt wardrobe. Style Arc describe it as follows:  Fabulous slim line skirt with a cross over front; featuring an asymmetric hemline. A must have skirt in your wardrobe. The elastic waist makes it easy to make and wear. FABRIC SUGGESTION: Ponte, Knit.


I was fairly certain when looking at the pattern pieces that this skirt would probably be too long on me if I sewed it up without alteration – I’m 158cm tall.  I folded a chunk out of each pattern piece (maybe about four inches?) about half way between waist and hem, and straightened the diagonal edges to remove the resulting jog.  Then it was cut it out and sew it up!

Style Arc Halle skirt in ponte from Darn Cheap Fabrics

(End of the day photos – hence the multiplicity of sitting wrinkles).

Style Arc Halle skirt in ponte from Darn Cheap Fabrics

If you’re sewing this you need to pay attention to the instructions in regard to what to hem when. Much of the hemming is done before the side seams are sewn, and you do need to get that part right! It’s easy to sew (yes, mostly on the overlocker) and results in what I think is a nice variation on the basic straight stretch skirt. I sewed this one in ponte from Darn Cheap Fabrics – it matches the Nina cardigan I’ve blogged before.

Style Arc Halle skirt in ponte from Darn Cheap Fabrics

Here’s a good example of getting proportion WRONG – this cardigan, despite being the same fabric, does NOT work with this skirt and top at all in my view. The jacket drapes and ends at the wrong places of the skirt hem and overlap and it all gets visually messy. I will definitely not be wearing this combination out the door ever again (my excuse is that I got dressed in the dark as per usual in winter and didn’t look in a full length mirror before I headed off to work).

Style Arc Halle skirt in bengaline

I’ve also sewn this skirt in this olive bengaline from Style Arc, but haven’t worn or photographed that one on me yet. Bengaline is a magic fabric for me – it works so well to fit around my shape, especially in pants. And the comfort level is high.

Style Arc Halle skirt in ponte from Darn Cheap Fabrics

So this pattern has had two outings already. Definitely a positive contribution to the straight stretch skirt stable.


15 thoughts on “Style Arc Halle stretch skirt

  1. I have made this in a bright pink ponte and a cotton with a bit of stretch. The cotton version is a bit tight yet the pink had perhaps a little too much ease!! Love the pattern though.

  2. Great skirts! Do you have any comments to offer on sewing bengaline to prevent or reduce the lycra ‘whiskers’ at the seams after a few washes and wears? I thought that I would also ask Style Arc and

  3. I think it looks great on you! Style Arc has a couple skirt patterns that make me want to wear skirts again….the one this month is amazing. The one you are using would be perfect in a mid tone denim too.

  4. This looks great! I love it. What top are you wearing? Re the Nina cardigan – if the hem was chopped to almost match the top length (ie a shorter, straight hem) I think it would look good… but that would be a bit of a waste to lose its shape … anyway, the Halle skirt looks awesome!

  5. Could you try on the “Side Buttoned Jacket” to see how it would look with the Halle skirt? I’m so curious to see a pic of them together 🙂

  6. These are great. I love the orange one. I have just made 4 different Halle skirts… so easy and quick. I love mine and when I get time/inclination/remember I’ll blog them too. It’s a great pattern. I’m a few cm taller than you and proportion is very important. If I wear a long skirt I wear short hip length top/jacket to keep me from looking like a gnome.

  7. I love both your skirts. The orange colour is divine. I’m suddenly in big love with orange this season and yours is a particularly beautiful orange. I love the olive Bengaline too. I haven’t seen Bengaline around here for ages and whenever it was around, it certainly wasn’t stretchy. Stretchy Bengaline sounds wonderful.

  8. Following Wynn’s comments, I was wondering about belting the jacket with the skirt and going to a 2 piece dress. That would allow changing the drape of hems. Or for travel, pinning the jacket “tails” up inside to straighten the hem line. If the angles on the hem of the jacket “match” the skirt, it could be a great combination. A good color for you and impeccable workmanship, as always.

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