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Side-buttoned jacket

This is another one of last year’s garments.  What is interesting to me about this one is that I love it, but I haven’t actually worn it, which is why there are only photos of it on Ada and none of it on me.

Side-buttoned jacket in linen

This is the Side-buttoned jacket from the book Bold and Beautiful Easy Sew Clothes by Habibe Acikgoz. I think I first came across it on an online forum about Lagenlook patterns.

Side-buttoned jacket in linen

Of course, whenever I see or hear the book title I think “Brooke! Ridge!” The patterns come on a CD and are also graphed if you prefer to enlarge them directly from the book. I needed to take the CD to a plan printer, as they are not on standard A0 size that a regular copy shop could easily deal with.

Side-buttoned jacket in linen

The fabric is linen – I think it was from Tessuti but had been in stash for some time. I possibly sewed the smallest size – Lagenlook is designed to be oversized, and I didn’t want to be swamped.

Side-buttoned jacket in linen

There are lots of pattern pieces, and lots of cut out pieces! I did take it slow and steady in construction. I think these buttons may have come from Stitch56 (but I could have bought them from Notionally Better on etsy). I said it had been a while!

Side-buttoned jacket in linen

I’m not enamoured with the narrow half collar band. It looked much wider in the book, and if I made it again I would definitely widen the pattern piece. It seems a little insubstantial, but still adds a little quirk.

Side-buttoned jacket in linen

Linen is such a beautiful fabric to work with. It has its frustrations, but overall I love to sew with it and to wear it. Even with the steam ironing required – which is really a bit useless at the same time, as it gives and wrinkles so much while wearing!

Side-buttoned jacket in linen

The little tie at the back provides extra shaping if you want it. Actually, with the princess seams there is plenty of shape in this jacket already. The side seam vents open right up to waist level on me when I put it on. I suspect that the main reason I haven’t worn this is that I am not sure what to wear it with.

Side-buttoned jacket in linen

But I do adore that pocket! This jacket is a keeper, I just need to spend some time playing with it and seeing how to wear it best. I suspect that for me it needs a simply styled dress underneath. It’s not the sort of jacket that looks good worn open, and I don’t want to have midriff exposure by pairing it with a skirt or pants. Time will tell!

Side-buttoned jacket in linen


26 thoughts on “Side-buttoned jacket

  1. Lara, it’s lovely. The style is most interesting, and I love the color. I bet it would look stunning on you!! BTW, I love all your makes but don’t comment every time. You have an eye for color and unusual patterns that makes it fun to see your posts!

  2. Gorgeous! You must wear it. I think neutral pants would be great with it. How about a floaty top in same colour as the pants that comes down over the bits you want covered? Such a lovely design and colour it needs to be the star.

  3. As a dedicated lover and designer of lagenlook style patterns I’m absolutely enamoured of this make. Lara, I would really have enjoyed to see you modelling it. Thanks muchly for links to the designer and patterns – this is not one I know of so I’m eagerly following up

  4. It’s gorgeous! Of course I would pair it with a classic plain black slip dress or a black t-shirt dress … but I could see you wearing it with something floral ! Is it too small? I wondered if that might be why you hadn’t worn it?

  5. Wow ….really love this jacket. You have done a fabulous job . Would love to see it on you . Is the book worth purchasing ? In other words is there more than one useable pattern in it.

  6. The jacket is wonderful, and I look forward to seeing how you will wear it. : ) Sometimes these statement pieces have me stymied about how to combine them with the rest of my wardrobe.

  7. Well, I agree totally with the other enthusiastic comments here. This is a truly gorgeous and highly wearable jacket. I’d be tempted to wear a cami or other close-fitting undershirt to hide the midriff exposure and then wear it as a shirt. It’s just too gorgeous to languish in the closet!

  8. I think you can easily wear this, I had a look at the book after your post, I am interested to know what sort of place you had to take it to , to print and the costs, I think this is the best pattern and perhaps the top, but you have not shown us the top(I don’t think). This jacket looks wonderful, I think you can wear it with black pants, or navy as someone suggested. Underneath, something close fitting and plain as you probably would not want to take it off. This jacket must be shown of, you did a great job both in sewing and fabric choice.

  9. This jacket is gorgeous! It appears impeccably sewn. You absolutely need to show this off. I think you just need to play with it. I would wear it with layers, a knee length slip dress over something else, a longer skirt, wide pants, leggings, lots of possibilities. I like the ideas of black and navy, but I would pick shades of brown to go with it. I have the book it’s from and certainly never pictured something this pretty coming out of it. I must go look at it again.

  10. Hi Lara. I love that jacket and as a fellow red head I know that colour will look fantastic on you. I would wear it over a dress. A couple of comments have suggested slip dresses but have you considered a loose white linen sundress? Something a bit a-line and simple maybe like Tessuti’s Iris dress which would continue the lagenlook theme? Perfect for cold mornings and hot days.

  11. I was very interested in your comments as I bought this book a couple of months ago but am yet to see anything. Your jacket looks great, and the colour is fabulous. I hope you discover that once you start to wear the jacket it becomes an essential element of your wardrobe.

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