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Style Arc Beth pants

I’ve sewn a number of different Style Arc stretch woven pants patterns now.  It intrigues me how they manage to alter the draft for each one!  Many look similar, but there are slight differences in how they look, and in how they feel on.  I wear the Elle, Barb and Linda pants quite a lot, the Barb and Linda especially for work.  The leg width varies between each one.  The Beth pants add some further detailing.

Style Arc Beth pant in bengaline

Okay, a photo of black bengaline pants. You really can’t see anything much at all, can you! Here’s the pattern description and illustration from the Style Arc website:  Pull on woven stretch pant with wide waistband and the perfect leg shape.


It has become patently obvious to me that for my thick middle and pot belly, I really do need to utilise the stretch in a fabric like this stretch bengaline to get the fit and comfort that I prefer.  There is nothing quite like a pull-on pant with elastic inside the waist in a stretch fabric for me to feel flattered and comfortable.  I just cannot get a transition from waist/belly fit to fitting nicely around my thighs and hips any other way.

Style Arc Beth pant in bengaline

These photos were taken at the end of the work day, hence the wrinkles. They’re really not too bad all things considered.

Style Arc Beth pant in bengaline

As you all know, no-one else will ever see the tummy/waist area of my pants in day to day wear, so in many ways that pleather detail is useless. But I know it is there, and that alone pleases me!

Style Arc Beth pant in bengaline

These are the most comfortable pair of work pants that I’ve sewn. I really like the width of the waistband, which makes the rise that little bit higher. I’ve sewn size 10, which works for my legs and hips, even though my waist is around size 16. The stretch of the fabric takes care of the rest of the fit, and I cut the waist elastic length to suit me.

Style Arc Beth pant in bengaline

Style Arc’s stretch woven patterns make perfect work pants for me (here paired with a Cashmerette Appleton tunic). These are a new favourite – although I wonder whether the Sage pants pattern that I have cut out ready to sew will be a favourite as well?


4 thoughts on “Style Arc Beth pants

  1. Hi Lara , love your blog, I’ve been following for a while. I have the same silhouette as you and I am fast coming to the same conclusion – stretch pants are the go! I am keen at some point to try Style Arc pants but can’t make up my mind! Thanks for your perspective.

  2. I really appreciate the reviews you do, especially of pants. I have similar measurements, and it’s super helpful to see how they look ‘in the wild’. I’m even thinking about buying one of the ‘kits’, since stretch bengaline is hard to find in Canada.

  3. Thank you for being my body double. Although I am much older than you and I live in the US, we could be twins for sewing purposes. Look on Facebook and I will post a picture of the pants and top I made last year. Linda Sullivan Langlois. Once again, I so appreciate your blogs.

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