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Style Arc Alissa knit dress

I am trying really hard to catch up with blogging.  Although there are still quite a few things left to blog from last year, I’ve decided to try to get this year’s garments up here in preference.  If I can keep this rate of blogging up I might be up to date by the end of the year. The photos of this dress were taken back in February!

Style Arc Alissa knit dress in fabric from Darn Cheap Fabrics

This is the Style Arc Alissa knit dress, in printed poly/spandex from Darn Cheap Fabrics. I just couldn’t resist all the colours in the print!

Style Arc Alissa knit dress in fabric from Darn Cheap Fabrics

I sewed size 12, no alterations. The round neckline has a binding that is applied to the right side then turned to the inside and stitched in place. This gives a very neat finish.

Style Arc Alissa knit dress in fabric from Darn Cheap Fabrics

I really like the overall silhouette – on the straight side, but not fitted. This was easy to sew. The only slightly tricky bit is the pocket – but honestly, it’s not hard, just read the instructions and diagram and you’ll be fine. It’s just not what most of us are used to doing (unless you sew a lot of patterns by Marcy Tilton or the ilk).

Style Arc Alissa knit dress in fabric from Darn Cheap Fabrics

Style Arc describe this pattern as follows: Achieve a designer look with this simple dress. The asymmetrical drape pocket that is cleverly designed makes this style look complex but is an easy sew. The ¾ sleeves make this style versatile and suitable for any season. FABRIC SUGGESTION: Knit jersey or any knit fabric with drape.


This is an effective pattern that looks much more challenging to sew than it actually is.  It was quick to make (much of it on the overlocker) and it is comfortable to wear.  Recommended!

Style Arc Alissa knit dress in fabric from Darn Cheap Fabrics


11 thoughts on “Style Arc Alissa knit dress

  1. Love this whole ensemble Lara! Beautiful dress design made in a great choice of fabric. Necklace and shoes perfect…..oh boy! do I love those shoes -want!
    Look forward to seeing more makes….btw, how many sewing machines have you burned out!

    🙂 Pearl

  2. This pattern caught my attention when it was released. I love those pockets. That is really pretty fabric that you have made it out of.

    You are not the only one with a blogging backlog.

  3. This looks great on you! I’m guessing it’s very easy to wear as well. So glad you blogged this Lara as I have a print in mind to make this up in but wasn’t sure as the SA drawings show it in a solid. It’s already on the top of my pile!

  4. Look at that summer light! Aw man, I miss summer…

    I love how the print is working with this pattern! The print has so much movement, it makes the straightness of the sides less abrupt and really works with that cool pocket. And the colours! I love the whole thing. It looks fantastic on you.

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