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Itch to Stitch Newport top

How many t-shirt patterns does one person need?  No, don’t answer that, it was a rhetorical question!  Apparently it only takes a slightly different detail in combination with a sale price for me to press the “buy it now” button.

Itch to Stitch Newport top

This is the Itch to Stitch Newport top, in the 3/4 fluted sleeve option. From the website: Snuggle-worthy yet effortlessly elegant, the Newport Top is one garment that you won’t regret making. The Newport’s details are understated, but you surely will not go unnoticed. Use a soft sweater knit for an instant sweater, or use a fluid jersey for a casual tee. Oh, you also get to choose between regular long sleeves and 3/4 flute sleeves. Of course you can always make two tops and try both styles of sleeves.

Newport Top Features:

  • Boxy silhouette with a relaxed fit
  • Wide boat neckline
  • “Envelope fold” shoulders
  • High-low hem
  • Two sleeve options: 3/4 flute  and regular long
  • Layers feature (print only the sizes you need)

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 6.29.50 pm

I also attempted to do some stash-busting and combined a cotton/spandex knit for the body with some fabulous Alice in Wonderland printed knit from Crafty Mamas Fabrics for the sleeves.  I also used the print for the front and back neckline facings.

Itch to Stitch Newport top

I can’t actually remember what size I sewed, but in retrospect it was probably one size too large. As always, check the finished garment measurements and choose your size according to your ease preferences!

Itch to Stitch Newport top

This was particularly apparent when I sewed the long sleeved version of the pattern. The sleeves were much too wide. I don’t have any photos on me, but since taking this one on Ada I have taken quite a bit of width from the sleeves, narrowing them considerably toward the wrist and I think giving the top a better silhouette on me.

Itch to Stitch Newport top

These are also Crafty Mamas Fabrics. I’m always thrilled with the quality of the fabrics that I get from Lisa, and they come in some terrific prints. This t-shirt pattern does have nice details. The envelope neckline is particularly nice (once you get over the comparison to the the neckline on baby garments), and I always like a high-low hemline.

Itch to Stitch Newport top

My advice on this pattern is to be careful with sizing – make sure you measure yourself and check the pattern measurements too. But shouldn’t you (we) do that for every pattern anyway?

Itch to Stitch Newport top

(with Style Arc Misty jeans, as per usual)


3 thoughts on “Itch to Stitch Newport top

  1. Well when you know what you like, why NOT buy more of them! Better than buying and making lots of different things that you won’t wear.

    These look great on you and I love the raindrops print. Those colours are just so perfectly, exactly YOU.

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