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Style Arc Cross Over Kit

This pattern has been in my stash for ages.  It was plotter printed – quite different to the fancy printing that Style Arc do nowadays, so must have been from some time ago.

Style Arc Cross Over Kit in stretch crepe from Spotlight

Style Arc describe the Cross Over Kit as follows:  This knit wrap top has a full under piece and an over wrap piece that pulls through a side buckle wear it by its self or team it with a contrast cami underneath. Short sleeve pattern also included in the pattern pack. FABRIC SUGGESTION & DESCRIPTION: Jersey knit.


I used a printed stretch crepe from Spotlight, and a vintage buckle that was in my stash.  This was very easy to sew.  Construction was on the overlocker, and hems done on the machine with a twin needle.

Style Arc Cross Over Kit in stretch crepe from Spotlight

Style Arc suggest wearing this over a contrast cami, which would have been better than doing what I did and using a safety pin on the neckline to make it work appropriate. I found this a very comfortable top to wear, especially underneath a long line cardigan/jacket.

Style Arc Cross Over Kit in stretch crepe from Spotlight

I sewed a size 12, with some side seam shaping removed to give me more belly room. I am still tossing up whether the “ruching around the belly helps to minimise it” theory is actually correct. I suspect that it probably is if you have a more defined waist than I do, but it runs the risk of looking like sausage casing on me. This top is loose enough that where it gathers into the buckle doesn’t actually stretch the fabric too tightly over my tum, but I have tried others (like the Issy top) where I just haven’t felt comfortable with where the gathers lie.

Style Arc Cross Over Kit in stretch crepe from Spotlight

So, verdict? I do like this top, and it will work well in my winter work wardrobe (especially considering that it will usually have other items layered over it). Comfy, easy to wear. Just remember that camisole!


5 thoughts on “Style Arc Cross Over Kit

  1. I’m new to your blog and enjoy watching the parade of beautifully made garments. I always have body issue problems with crossover tops but this one doesn’t seem to full over the tummy. Perhaps the fabric is soft/drapey enough or the buckle is more towards the side hip. Lovely work. Do you use a coverstitch machine? Like the idea but they are expensive.

  2. I think the proportions of this top are just about perfect; the amount of drape, the location of the buckle, the print you selected all work together wonderfully. I think it would be great in dress length as well.

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