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Style Arc Maisie designer dress

This Style Arc Maisie designer dress was half sewn during a recent trip to Sewjourn.  I began with the bodice – and the knit fabric I was using did NOT agree with my sewing machine or overlocker at all!  Far too slinky and the machines just chewed it up.  I quickly threw the bodice pieces into the bin (and the rest of the bodice fabric followed suit when I returned home), figuring that I would have something else in my stash that would work.

Style Arc Maisie designer dress

So only the skirt was sewn at Sewjourn – but when I got home I quickly ferreted through stash and found something suitable for the bodice! The dress was completed that night.

Style Arc Maisie designer dress

The skirt was sewn from cotton sateen (with a small stretch component) from Darn Cheap Fabrics, and the bodice is a mid-weight double knit in a mottled green/black. I used the smooth side as the outer; the other side is more textured, almost like a french terry but not quite. I wish I could remember where that knit came from!

Style Arc Maisie designer dress

I sewed size 12, my usual Style Arc size for tops and dresses. The fit is not perfect – usual back bodice issues and some slight folds above the bust at the armhole (FBA needed?) – but I really, really like the finished dress. It’s SO easy to wear! And yes, there are pockets in the side seams.

Style Arc Maisie designer dress

Style Arc describe this dress as follows: The slightly cocoon shaped skirt with asymmetrical design lines balances well with the angled waisted knit bodice on this designer dress. The interestingly shaped pattern pieces come together easily for a quick sew. FABRIC SUGGESTION: Bodice – knit jersey, sweater knit. Skirt – knit or stretch woven.


I enjoy the patterns that Style Arc label as “designer” – they have more unusual shapes and silhouettes, and many of them work nicely for me.  This dress was an easy sew, and it’s great to wear.  Choose your fabric combination carefully though – the bodice needs to be able to support the weight of the skirt.

Style Arc Maisie designer dress


10 thoughts on “Style Arc Maisie designer dress

  1. I like this one- being as much of a StyleArc fan as you are, this is on my ‘maybe’ list. I was slightly dubious, wondering if the diagonal waist seam might make me look even wider at that point, but it looks good on you. Definitely under consideration!

  2. I have been binge-watching Peggy Sagers videos on line( Silhouette Patterns… you can search in YouTube or from the media page on her website)….she demonstrates that the fold at underarm can be coming from the shoulder slope, bust dart increase needed/FBA, or a combo. I think her first Fit to Stitch episide(YouTube) she demonstrates that… good luck! Love the colors on this- you are always so inspirational, especially since I am also a red head

  3. Maybe a bit heavier bodice fabric like ponte would work? I like the lines and have some large remnants I believe I could make use of instead of tossing. Hmmmmm……I really need to sew instead of buy patterns.

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